The Traditional End of Year Emo Post.

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If I had to some up 2013 in one word, that word would be CHALLENGING.

CHALLENGING can have both a negative and positive connotation, and this certainly is the case when it came to me.

Life threw them at me throughout the year. Sometimes, I faced them head on, whilst other times I let the situations overwhelm me and things became a far bigger deal that they actually were.

I challenged myself a lot. And I live to tell the tales.

Just this morning, I was standing in the ocean with Mum. We watched all the kids out the back on boogie boards, bravely being smashed up by dumpers. Mum made a comment that when she was a young tacker, she would have been out there all day experiencing the thrill, taking risks and thriving on the sub-sequential adrenaline that resulted.

It made me think about… When do we learn to fear?

Then a wave swept our feet out from under us. I took it s a sign.

So with all the 2013 challenges almost behind me, I am looking at 2014 with fresh eyes. A new start. A virgin page. Life is like a newly opened word document and only you have the power to shape how it all turns out. Stop letting fate shape your path, and start writing your own story.

One thing that I have feared is writing this fucking book that is sitting inside me. I have no idea what is holding me back. Yesterday, my mate Kate MADE ME talk about it. She drew it out of me. And the result of the conversation gave me the book. Yes it is written in my head now. So look out next year for my first book, entitled… HOW NOT TO WRITE A BOOK.

And no, I am not even kidding.

I will sign off from 2013 with a few messages.

Firstly to my boys. Forget fear. Forge ahead. Be kind to your mother. She loves you.

To Mr. Woog. Stop leaving a dirty pile of your clothes next to the empty washing machine. It is driving me loco.

And to you, my most treasured reader. Thank you for spending another year with me. I like having you around. But I do have a little homework for you…

What is your personal challenge for 2014?

Come on… You owe me! I tell you everything….