5 Ways Men Cope with PMT.

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Mr Ross is a stay-at-home Dad, and writes the Blog, Dad Down Under. He is a bit of eye candy in our agency. We all boss him mother him around. He is like a little sponge, soaking up everything about writing and blogging and the weird old business that it is.

We caught up in December and I told him he could hang his coat on my hook anytime.

So he took me up on the challenge, and I provided him the topic. Take it away Mr Ross!

When asked to write a post called “5 Ways Men Cope with PMT” from a blogger with a largely female audience, who I’m reliably informed are all beautiful and talented people, you would be forgiven for thinking you’re on a hiding to nothing. If I didn’t know Mrs Woog better, I might even think she was setting me up for a fall. But I know a thing or five about PMT and have developed my own fail safe coping mechanisms that you might like to share with the man in your life.

Once a month something takes over,

My wonderful wife turns into an ogre.

I can tell when it’s coming I know when it’s near,

My heart beats faster, I’m living in fear.

It’s not too dissimilar to the Life of Pi,

My wife is the Tiger and the boy is I.

Don’t worry I don’t try to train her with fish,

But I invariably hide and make one last wish.

Could I maybe suggest wearing a broach?

Whenever I see it I’ll never approach.

I’ve heard that the pain is a bit like a stitch,

I said it once; I was slapped like her bitch.


Now onto the challenge – 5 ways to cope,

Gentlemen get ready, I’m bringing you hope.

Here comes my first and it works every time,

Stock up on chocolate and ply her with wine.

The second’s a line that is absolute gold,

“You’re right my dear” never seems to get old.

My third is expensive but saves you from harm,

“here take my wallet” works like a charm.

Don’t listen to men who suggest heavy petting,

A knee in the nuts is all you’ll be getting.

And finally whatever you do don’t ever say,

“Time of the month dear?” she’ll end you that day.


And there you have it my 5 ways to be,

When your significant other has PMT.

What does it stands for? Here’s one that rhymes,

Could it perhaps be; Preposterously Moody Times?

For better or worse were the vows that you gave,

This is the “worse” make sure you behave.

How did I do Woog, did I do good?

You threw down the gauntlet, I hope I withstood?


Did he do good?

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