Holiday Food

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I do believe that there are a few givens when you embark on an endless summer of beach living. Despite all care taken, someone will get sunburnt. Despite all care taken, half of the beach will end up in your bed. Or in your crotch. And despite best intentions, it is very hard to break the 5pm gin and tonic urge.

We have had a host of guests staying, which I love. My sister and some friends have rented houses here as well, so the kids roam the streets in a large gaggle of noise. You can tell where the kids are by looking out for their bikes, which are abandoned on the footpath outside any of the houses.

The tennis is on the tv, even when nobody is watching it. It competes with the cicadas for your attention, but both are easy to block out.

I cannot really remember the last time the kids had a decent wash, with soap. Although I am insistent on teeth brushing. We are not savages…. well not yet anyway.

The other observation I have made is holiday food.

Eating hot chips sitting on the sand at 11am? Totally normal! Being greeted with a bowl of fresh prawns at 4pm? Why, I don’t mind if I do. Frosty Fruits, cold slabs of watermelon, fancy cheeses with grapes, Smirnoff Vodka with Cranberry FROM A FREAKING BOX? Tick, tick, tick.

Lemon Cordial.

And of course, the small packets of cereal you get in the VARIETY PACK. There is only ONE object of affection in the variety pack. My kids go APE SHIT when they spy it, because for the rest of the year, it is WeetBix.




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Which means it is gone by the time you even wake up, leaving you with all the options that will assist you to poop regularly, while loosing weight and lowering your cholesterol. Not as fun to eat, but perhaps better for you. (Even if it does taste like recycled cardboard.)

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I will be doing yoga on the beach wearing a white unitard if you need me, eating bran and feeling virtuous.

What is your favourite holiday food?