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My oldest son is exactly like me. My youngest son? Well we have no idea where he came from, (maybe I had a drunken fling with Todd McKenney?) but Harry and I are very similar in a lot of ways. We both are fond of a prank, a giggle and a fine time. We both appreciate food with gusto. We both enjoy being half assed at most things. He has the same sense of humour as me.

He loves all creatures, great and small. And he is a worrier, just like me.

He is teetering on the edge of adolescence. Sometimes, I just want to push him off and put an end to all the questions.

For Christmas, Mum bought him a Roosters jersey and he has not taken it off. I see him puff out his chest when a group of teenaged boys go past. I am both excited and nervous to see what life has in store for my Horatio.

My dad is currently travelling around Europe with the Wicked Step Mother. They say that they are spending my inheritance. He is sending the most wonderful reports back. The man is one of the most talented, natural writers I know. He guest posts for me from time to time. I loved this one in particular…CLICK HERE.

I got my love of writing from Dad. I got my love of people from my Mum. I also got her eyes, which we both passed onto Harry.

Yesterday I watched him schlep up to the rocks, set up a little chair and stick a line in. He sat there for ages, and returned empty-handed, saying that he tried to land a marlin, but the line broke.

He also got my tendency for bullshitting.

 What have you inherited from your parents?

What have you passed onto your kids?