Ode de Toilet

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In the late 19th Century, Englishman Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. That is right. Crapper. Hence the term, “I am off to the crapper.”

The flushing toilet is something I think we all take far too much for granted. Take Jabba’s only dunny pictured up there. She is a simple, humble example. Although she does have a dual flush! The past 6 weeks have been the busiest of her life! She has been sat on and flushed more times that I care to think about. Why this weekend just gone, we had ten people under the roof, with three of them being teenaged boys.

Has she complained at all? Never.

My son did, however, take an enthusiastic approach to the toilet with these.











He managed to pop them all onto the toilet at the same time. The Lime Zest smell was pleasant enough, and it was the first thing you could smell as you entered the front door. Jabba smelt like a toilet, albeit a clean one.

So thank you Jabba the Hut Toilet. And I hope you enjoy your holiday.

What modern invention do you take for granted?

Or what one couldn’t you live without?