This old grey mare…..

A couple of interesting things happened yesterday.

Firstly, Ms. Muir and I finished that massive puzzle.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 12.15.15 PM

And secondly, I hosted a dinner party. Now, I am not one for fussy food, so it was a simple steak and salad affair, washed down with a shit load of wine. My guests were my neighbour, his beautiful wife (who might just be my new favourite person in the world) and my Hoopla editor, Wendy Harmer. Plus her husband Brendan.

At one point, I looked across the table and pinched myself that Australian writing royalty was sitting in the bus shelter at the back of Jabba the Hut. I mean, how the hell does that happen? There was cricket played, concerts held (Jack charged them all $2) and so many yarns told. As the evening wore on, the language loosened up. Opinions were shared, arguments had, much laughing done and stories told.

It was bliss.

And then I did something that my stepfather is famous for.

I snuck off to bed! The party kicked on into the wee small hours of the morning. Ms. Muir was the host in my absence and she declared stumps at around 2am.

I think those extra hours sleep saved me from a fate worth than death today. That and a bacon roll with a diet coke chaser.

And the whole things goes to show that this old grey mare, well she ain’t what she used to be….

Have you ever snuck off to bed AT YOUR OWN EVENT?