Start with a full tank.

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I first met Mrs Goodman at the street Christmas Party. It was held in the local park across the road from my house. As I approached the large group, I spotted her immediately.

There she was, dressed in a long ,colourful frock, standing out amongst a sea of navy and beige. She was laughing a lot, so I knew that I might have found a member of my tribe.

Since then we have shared many a bottle of wine, deep and meaningfuls, thoughts and opinions. It is nice to meet a new friend and straight off the bat, you just get each other.

She is a hostess, the type of woman that always has a plentifully kept fridge. Someone who can whip up a frozen daiquiri before you even take a seat.

She is nice. You would like her.

Mrs Goodman is also a wise woman. One of the things she said to me really stayed in my brain.

We were talking about kids having confidence. This was just after her daughter and my son put on a dazzling concert.

“Life is always going to knock it out of you, so you better start with a full tank.”

Never a truer word was spoken. You start at 100%, and as you get older you take the knocks. It chips away at you. How much you let it diminish is entirely up to you. I truly believe in teaching your kids confidence while they are under your roof, because once they are gone, they have to deal with the knocks on their own.

Yesterday Harry packed up his backpack with a cold drink and other necessary things that a boy needs for an adventurous day of riding his bike looking for trouble/fun/shenanigans.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

Without missing a beat, he looked at me and said “Wherever the wind takes me.”

Turns out he was off to Mrs Sparks house for a dip.

Are your kids confident?

Where do you think the winds will take them?