Your Ass and Your Face

It was Catherine Deneuve who said “When you get older, you have to be ready to trade your ass for your face.” which means that you can stay a little plump and your face will fare well, or you can be a hard body older lady, with a drawn looking face. Think Jennifer Tilly and Madonna, who are both the same age.

So your ass, or your face. Well I for one will NOT be choosing either, as it is all being chosen for me as measured by what I shove into my pie hole, but I do have two super dooper secret weapons that I use to make the most of the caboose and the noggin.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post, but just good stuff that was passed onto me, and now I am passing onto you.


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I was LIVID, I was positively spitting hatred at Maybelline when I learnt that they had discontinued my favourite foundation in the world. BUT THEN…

They relaunched a better version and all was right in my world again. This is the shiz, my friends. I bought some last week at K-Mart (about $20 from memory) and the lady at the check out was very curious about what it actually was. So I took some time to explain that it looked strange because the foundation was mixed in with a primer. I had to then try to explain what a primer was… and it is hard to explain so I will just copy and paste some stuff from their website.

Lifting foundation instantly plumps and firms for visibly younger skin.
Smoothing primer smoothes fine lines and rough texture.

And I swear to god, it is true. I had not been more excited about a product since Macca’s introduced shaker fries, but and then took them away…

Order online here


It was my friend Mrs Goodman who dragged me into the store Katies last week. And yes, I had to be dragged. For you see I am quite against plastic clothing, and I thought Katies was a Polyester Palace.

She insisted that I try on their jeans. But not any jeans. Their Ultimate Fit jeans. I looked at them and shuddered. I mean their was no zip, no button… they were pull on jeans for Christ’s Sake.

Holy muffin top remover!



There is a band that comfortably sucks in your muffin top. You feel like you are wearing leggins, but you are not. I shared this find on my Facebook page, and everyone was like “DERRR MRS WOOG. THEY ARE THE BEST….” 

No matter what shape you are, these will do you justice. Different colours and lengths. I always go for dark denim slim fits, and these are on high rotation around these parts. And they lift your bum from somewhere around your knees, into a more natural position. And at $49.95, I beseech you to give them a try. Click here.

So Catherine, stick that in your pipe and smoke it. WE CHOOSE BOTH!

Got any good finds that you need to share? Please feel free to leave a link!

Do you hate shopping for jeans?