How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs.

The highlight of my weekend was when I discovered that I had an ingrown hair.


Which really says a lot about the quality of my weekend. It rained buckets. Mr Woog was grumpy, as he is an outdoorsy fella and the kids embarked on a movie marathon, racing outside to play when the downpour turned to drizzle. Oh, and we also went to Chatswood Westfield, along with the rest of Sydney, and rolled a kebab, which probably was rated slightly higher then the ingrown hair incident if I was going to be completely honest.

Now, I am not a sufferer of ingrown hairs as a general rule. But having one in your eyebrow is tricky as it needed to be removed with surgical skills that a mother gains after years of removing splinters and ticks from animals and offspring. If you fuck it up, an infection can take place, and having a yucky infected eye is not a good look for anyone. (I look so silly in an eyepatch, very few can pull that look off. Apart from pirates and the elderly). So armed with a magnifying mirror, a hot washer, some tea-tree oil and a pair of slanted tweezers, I got that little bastard out.

No harm, no foul.

My sister Mrs Ryan is a black belt grower of ingrown hairs. Did you know that if you have course or curly hair, you are more susceptible? She once had one on her arm that was so interfered with, she still has a decent scar. We called that ingrown hair “Picky”.

So how do I manage to avoid ingrown hairs (apart form rogue eyebrow ones?)


81991m_m_lPick up a pair of these gloves at any chemist, supermarket or two-dollar shop. You can get them at The Body Shop as well, but they are far pricier and there is no difference in quality. Use them everyday. EVERYDAY. And if you are serious about being ingrown hair-free, you will team them with the holy grail of body cleansers, that being LEMON MYRTLE SOAP.

Lemon Myrtle has calming and clearing and antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities. Again you can find this soap almost anywhere that sells, well, soap but for superior soaps, order them online in bulk from The Soap Man. You will be hooked on this stuff. It is the yellow one. The one that says Lemon Myrtle Soap.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.37.09 AM


So there you have it. My secrets to keeping my hair growing outwards from my body, not inwards. And lets just hope that something exciting happens to me today, so tomorrow you do not have to read about my taking the bins out. Mundane.

Ingrowns. Are you a sufferer?

Got a hot tip for management of this issue? Please share!