The Best Thing in my Kitchen.

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I have spent much of this week so far, flat out on the couch with a fucked back that I threw into next week due to over-exertion during Monday Morning’s Huffy Puffy Training Session.

Isn’t it strange that we wait until we have chronic pain before we down tools and relax?

Anyway, watching the television as much as I have been, I have had many an urge to buy some non-stick cooking pans, so I can melt plastic  bags onto them and wipe them clean with nothing more than a piece of paper towel. I have learnt that I am not as hygienic around the home as I should be, as I am not following my kids around with a disinfectant spray. And I acknowledge the need to be a more considerate mum, by purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan.

It is not just that. There is a whole WORLD of gadgets that I am now aware of. The robomaid. The direct steam mop. The Pilates Power Gym. Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra . Ab Doer Twist™. Flavorstone Essentials Set with Free 24 cm 3-Piece Set plus dozens of other items that you can pick up cheaply in St Vinnies, after they had been abandoned by their original owner, who once upon a time sat upright on the coach and took advantage of the 3 easy payments of $99. PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

It got me thinking about gadgets. Last time I wrote about the Mac Daddy of all Gadgetry, The Mighty Thermomix, (click here to read) I actually got hate mail. I was shamed into joining a Thermomix Forum and offering my most sincerest apologies to anyone that I offended. I am even, right now, considering all words I am typing here v..e..r..y c..a..r..e..f..u..l..l..y.

But for me, there is no more useful kitchen gadget than the humble wooden spoon. A simple item that can be purchased cheaply. It stirs. It allows for good slurpy tasting. It is handy when you are trying to get something down from a high space. A wooden spoon has it’s place in the threatening of discipline, and if like me you were born in the 1970’s and prior, was actually used to paddling ones evil derriere.

And it has proved particularly helpful in positioning a heat pack onto the correct position, to soothe one’s fucked back.

If your house was on fire, and you had to grab one kitchen appliance, what would it be?