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Recently, like a few minutes ago, I had to write a biography for a project I have coming up.

It reminds me of the time years ago, where I shopped a CV around to all the publishers, hoping to find my big break. The CV, on reflection, was abysmal. I had no skills and a degree that was not required or related to the industry. Basically I was clueless, (and some would still argue that this is still the case.)

I remember sitting in an interview, wearing a suit of my Mums. It was a silk cream pant suit, the perfect choice for a 24 year old with big dreams and stars in her eyes. I paired it with some lovely pearl drops, a headband and a sensible black court shoe.


I still recall the big boss and the lesser boss, sitting across from me in the board room. I was, perhaps not unsurprisingly, almost shitting my silk pants.

“What are your strengths?” he said over the top of the one piece of A4 Paper, which contained my life at the time.

I pondered this long and hard. I really delved into the back of my brain to come up with at least ONE thing that I was good at. I am pretty sure telling him that I had learnt to pull an excellent pint of Guinness, complete with a 4 leaf clover on the top, was not going to get me the gig.

After what would have been, for them at least, a lengthy uncomfortable silence… Martin asked another question…

“Well, what are your weaknesses?”

The truth was, my weakness was that I had no strengths, but I knew I couldn’t say that… After all, I didn’t want to appear stupid.

“Shoes and chocolate….” I told him.

I started the next Monday, and made a very big first day’s impression by crashing the company car into a lampost.

Tell me about your first interview.

Did you get the job?