Are Fat People lazy?

Ok, I’ll bite. I am not sure where this post will end up, but let’s just suck it and see….

I was doing my usual scoot around the news sights this morning, over a coffee. The news is pretty depressing at the moment, don’t you think?

Anyway, one headline came out and smacked me across the face.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.50.07 AM

“Oh great…” I thought. “A bit of wo-mano on wo-mao action…”

I read on. You can read the article here.

Sharny Kieser is an Australian Fitness Instructor who says  “anyone can achieve their perfect body – it starts with believing you can, and then taking ownership of what you put in your mouth,” I know all about this. A few years ago, a close relative of mine decided that she was going to be a size ten if it killed her. She was a curvy 16, glowing in health, but spent the next year running like Forrest Gump. As she ran, she got hangry. And a bit bitchy if I can be honest. We speak of it now, and she said she was such a cow because she was starving.

She got there. She was tiny! Her transformation was quite incredible. I would have liked to have hung out with her during that time, but in her hangriness one day, we had the mother of all blues and spent the best part of a year practicing “no speakies”.

Once she had achieved her “perfect body..” she returned to her real body.

My truth is, that when I had a newborn and a toddler,, I was so bloody tired all the time, that any time I did have to myself, I chose to sleep or watch crap on television. There was nothing better than a Friday Night, when we would open a bottle of wine, call in some takeaway and sloth on the coach, congratulating each other on getting through another week. Was I fat? Sure was! Was I lazy? You bet! Did I feel guilty? Fuck no. I was in survival mode.

Fast forward several years, and let us ask the same questions. Am I fat? Not as fat as I was, but am still a chunky monkey. Am I lazy? Fuck no!  Do I feel guilty? Not one bit.

The thing about us modern mothers, is that we are yet to cease with all of the sledging. In a way, we have not really evolved so far from the high-school playground, where the fat chicks were teased mercilessly and had no voice.  Chrissie changed that perception in this interview.

Look, I could not care less if you are fat or thin, or anything in between. But if someone implies that you are lazy, because you are fat, I call bollocks to that.

And the next time someone asks you…..

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.55.43 AM


Feel free to use my answer….

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.13.31 AM

Do you have your perfect body?

  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    No I don’t have the perfect body but I don’t mind & my husband doesn’t mind either if he did, he wouldn’t have gone out with me in the first place then moved in with me.

    I don’t know why ladies put so much pressure on themselves about losing weight, as long as your healthy, feel great, and you love your body then who cares what size you are.

    I can go any where from an 16 to 22 in clothes sizes cause of the way they are cut & put together but I love my body & my husband loves my body (as well as mind mind etc)

    It doesn’t matter what size, shape or the way you look, you will find a partner (or maybe go through a few before finding the right one) who will love you for just being you.

    Also if you love your body & yourself you find yourself much happier as you are not stressing over body weight or sizes

    Ladies my message over all & Ms Woog please forgive me but I’m going to shout it out here,


    Once again sorry for shouting

    (((( Hugs ))))

    • Thank you for your thoughts lovely x

      • Travelling Macs

        Why is lazy considered negatively? Think of it this way…while the active ones want time on the tennis court, room at the gym, footpaths to run on, cycle tracks to ride on, they don’t have to compete with me for space. Thank me, don’t dis me lol 🙂

  • I love this and I loved you answer! Had to de-lurk to comment on this one — I am so tired of all the body bashing stuff out there in the media these days. A quarter of my caseload of adolescents is suffering from an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder and I for one, am over it. Thanks to all the crap out in the media, these young girls have a perception of how they should look like. And it breaks my heart. As long as people are healthy and happy, I don’t think it should matter if you are a size 6 or a size 16!

    • I hope you are successful in spreading your sensible and thoughtful message. And thanks for de-lurking. Delighted to meet you x

  • I think we should all aim to FEEL awesome instead of worrying about how we look. If you feel good at a size 16, who is to say that you should drop a few sizes? Let’s shift the focus to feeling happy and healthy and stop worrying about fitting into someone else’s idea of what we should look like.

    And on that note, I’m off to make myself a green juice AND eat some chocolate cookies 😉 x

    • THIS! Let’s shift the focus to feeling happy and healthy and stop worrying about fitting into someone else’s idea of what we should look like. xx

  • Miriam

    I think the message to modern Mum’s is not to forget to take care of themselves. I don’t think any Mum who is working, looking after kids, trying to keep a house in some sort of reasonable state and then a relationship going strong is lazy. But I think sometimes we forget as mothers to look after ourselves. That doesn’t mean we should all get out there with a personal trainer and whittle our waists to a socially acceptable level, but we should take some time every day just for us. For me its a walk or some quiet alone time or even just taking an extra nap.
    My hairdresser once told me that your kids, husband, friends and family are like cups and your the jug that fills them up but if you forget to refill yourself then your empty and have nothing left for the ones you love and take care of. Wise words I think!

  • No perfect body here. I do love cake though, and running. Sometimes my running is followed by cake and sometimes it’s just cake. I don’t subscribe to the “perfect body” myth. I think it’s much more important to be kind to ourselves and each other than make everything a competition. If you want to be fit, do it for you. If you want to eat cake, do that for you. A smile on your face and a light heart are much more important than killer abs and feeling hangry all the time.

  • Suellen Dennehy

    I think it all comes down to compromise (and genetics) What are you willing to give up to get fit, get a six pack, run a marathon etc. I have been in the fitness industry over 18 years (I started when I was 10.. LOL) and see both extremes.
    There is the mother who is straight back at the gym when she gets the 6 weeks clearance spending 2 hours everyday and then there are others that just let it all go!
    We all need to be active, eat healthy and not stress about it. Its all about balance, family, friends, good food and a glass of wine (or whine)
    And finally …..There arent too many people on their deathbed wishing they spent more time on a treadmill 🙂

    • Suellen, I do believe I love you x

      • Suellen Dennehy

        If this helps…. From my experience, I have yet to meet many women with the “PERFECT ” body!
        After years of training and still in the industry, I find the fitter women tend to be more critical. It goes from the overweight just wanting to drop a few kilos to the underweight wanting a bum lift, or tighter adductors (gym speak for inner thighs) And the fitness Industry has a lot to answer for!
        Moderation, perspiration and some small celebration is the answer (well its mine!)

  • Simone P

    Or more importantly do you care? Hell no! I have that many balls up in the air that if I want to sit on my arse, eat cake and watch trash tv I’m bloody well going to do it. Do I know it will deliver some extra kilo’s to my thighs? Yep! But life is short and I intend to do what makes me feel good. We eat nutritional meals, we are active in our daily lives, we aren’t slobs, but there is no way I am going to miss out on the joys of life because I’m too busy going to the gym or over analysing every morsel that goes into my mouth.

    • Amen! And I find it very hard to say no to a schnitzel x

  • MadamBipolar

    You look divine!

  • Lbond

    I don’t think there are any fat people out there who state or believe that being overweight is healthy – this ‘real men like curves’ stuff that’s floating around is a retaliation to years of fat shaming. How dare anyone be criticised for how they look. Now the skinny minnies are stating that it’s ok to fat shame because being fat is unhealthy – big f*cking deal – why should it matter to them? And now the almighty thin ones are claiming skinny shaming is rife and running rampant. Bullshit. Saying that fat people are fat because they are lazy is like saying that skinny people are skinny because they don’t eat enough – say that to a size 6 and it will point it’s bony finger at you pretty quickly and tell you it eats like a horse.

  • Alix Helps

    Yes! I do! I’m totally bloody 200% perfect. In fact, so perfect that I was forced to consume a fresh raspberry and white chocolate muffin this morning to make it a little more fair for everyone else. Really, I think you can get too hung up worrying about how you look. If you feel fat, and it bothers you, we all know what we need to do. If you feel thin…eat more cake and drink more wine! Just be happy, and don’t judge others. End of story.

    • Amen. How good is the raspberry/white chocolate combo?

      • Only thing that makes it better is the addition of macadamia nuts 🙂

  • Love this article. Great work Mrs Woog!

    • Thank you so much Georgina! x

  • Lucy Mulvany

    I can bore for Australia on this. If it were purely as simple as eat less move more, we’d all be a perfect size 10 and there would be no need for diets or Doctors nor personal trainers. Hunger and Hanger start in the brain and are driven by emotions. You, my love, are a goodess, as I am, and we am not lazy. At all. xxx

    • You are a bloody inspiration lady!

    • Jo @ BabbleOn City blog

      Bravo Lucy. You are so freakin right. And you’re the first person I’ve come across in a long time who has this belief. It’s very hard to discuss it with anyone because we’ve all been brainwashed to believe calories in vs energy out is what it’s all about. So looking at it from another perspective is usually deemed (I find) airy fairy, and just another excuse.
      It’s not all about eat less move more … not by a long shot. I’ve done a lot of reading and research on this very thing. Unlocking the emotions … in particularly those associated with past trauma … is the key.
      Are fat people lazy? Are skinny people lazy? Who knows? The only important question to be asked is … Is that person happy and healthy, regardless of their size?
      Oh … and Mrs W? You rock, you gorgeous hunk of woman, you :o)x

  • Averil

    I am a smallish person and before I had my kids I was naturally very thin.
    After the first kid, pretty much back to normal, after 2nd kid definitely a bit softer around the edges. My 3rd baby was a giant 4.5 kg that stretched my belly so much I ended up having major hernia repair surgery a few months later. Unless I get a tummy tuck my belly will never be flat again, but it really doesn’t bother me that much. I’m a few kg heavier than before kids but I feel great. I tell my husband that when he met me i had the body of a girl. Now Ive got the body of a woman!!
    I’m a glass half full gal, I’ve been blessed with great skin, good health and a happy family so all in all I feel contented.
    I don’t care if women are fat or thin- if you are a kind person and can make me laugh we’ll be friends forever!

  • I don’t have what society deems a perfect body – never have. But it’s perfect for me. The equation is not as simple as so called experts would have us believe. Love your work Woogsie. X

    • Yours too hun. WHat you do is make women feel good right now!

  • Kylie Rogers

    I made the mistake of reading the comments on the linked article. So much hate 🙁

    • It is a well known fact that you NEVER read the comments on the website. They are always truly vile x

  • Once again thank god we can rely on someone in the media (yes blogging IS media people) to call bullshit then they read it!
    I mentioned to one of my younger and skinnier colleagues last week that I go to the gym about 3 times a week and was planning to enter a 5k run at the end of next month. Sure enough I got *the look* – the one that silently says “surely if you go the gym you should be slimmer than this?”. For the record I am also a size 16 with a decent rack.
    Did I care? No I did not! I do the excersise I do because I enjoy feeling strong and it’s also the one place on earth where no one tries to talk to me. I really couldn’t give flying fruit cake if I lost any weight. I may be a bit fat but I am definitely not lazy 😉

    • I am a size 17 (YES THERE IS SUCH A THING!) I train twice a week, and when I say train, I mainly just swear for 45 minutes. Good luck with your run! xx

      • Kate

        Oh I know that look so well! The one that says you are lying… I walk hills, briskly, for 3 – 8km five times a week plus the gym three times a week. Don’t eat takeaway other than very, very occasionally. But exercising a lot makes you HUNGRY! So I sit in the size 16 – 18 range. I’m tall so I carry it OK but sometimes I don’t understand why I’m not a size or two smaller. Two kids, house to run while husband’s away a lot… I am frigging NOT lazy!

        Excuse me now, gotta change my gear after the gym workout this morning and go and hang out the laundry…

      • Thank you! There will be swearing on the run for sure, until I realise that I actually need that precious oxygen for survival. And glamour (which you have in SPADES in that sparkly jacket) trumps a size label any day xx

    • Kerryn

      “the one place on earth where no one tries to talk to me” – I HEAR YOU SISTER!! 🙂

      • Totally. Its one of those 24 hour chains, and seriously no-one talks to anyone. So peaceful – sometimes I even finish an entire thought 🙂

  • Pre-kids I was a size 8 – after 3 I am now a curvy 14. And I don’t mind one bit. I have a tummy, a decent bum and boobs. I eat lots of cake, I run around with my children because I would rather be active with them than at the gym. I eat bigger portions than my 6 foot three hunk of a man – but best of all I am HAPPY and CONTENT and I never go to bed hungry. Love you Mrs Woog! xo

    • You sound like you have it all sorted! WONDERFUL xxx

  • Margaret Jolly

    I love you (in a non threatening, non lesbian, non stalking way)

    • Margaret, I will take any love I can get xx

  • I like chocolate and wine.

    • So do I Dorothy, so do I xx

    • Jane Morgan

      I like cheese….

  • Little Munch

    I’ve noticed since my son started school this year that the high school playground has been recreated at school drop off/pick up. There are the mums who turn up in their sporty spice outfits each day that hang together and stare down the rest of us who choose not to pour ourselves into lycra each morning because we would prefer to go and have coffee, cake and a chat, so that we can attempt to survive this new chapter of our lives…….why can’t we just be nice to each other?

  • Belinda Carpenter Catt

    Being the eldest of three girls I was always the odd one out having a curvy shape and DD “girls”. I went on to be a nurse, marry and have four sons. My body has served me well. I struggle at times but truly know that I am curvy, but also strong, smart, funny, a loyal friend and wife and mother. I truly don’t care for people preaching apparent ‘perfection’.

  • Bec

    I’d love to be lazy! Just to be able to sit and do nothing would be so freaking awesome!
    I’m fat. I know i should move more-my job behind the sewing machine means that my life is pretty much sitting on my arse! But between sitting on my fat arse sewing/running my business and raising 4 boys and a husband and ALL the shit that they require-when do i get time to be lazy?? Is being lazy when i’m walking in from the clothesline for the 6th time that day…or folding those 6 loads of washing…or cleaning the bathroom…or cooking…blah blah blah… LOL to be FAT and LAZY-that’s my idea of BLISS!

  • Debbie Lee

    And you are looking wonderful Mrs Woog! Whilst it is so important to eat well and exercise, as I do, I am not willing to give up the things I love (also cake!), for the perfect body. It is like the USA biggest loser recently, too fat, now too thin, really you just can’t please everyone all the time.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Love your work, Mrs W!

    Not just today but every time I pop over to your blog. You make me laugh, cry, dust myself off and keep on keeping on.

    SSG xxx

  • Kel

    I read this while indulging in a cheese and chive bread twist with my littles. Love it! The article, the food and the babies. Tomorrow I turn 30 – and if you had told my 18yo self that I would be mumma to 2 clever and bright girls and the wife of a man who met me when I was a size 10 and still adores me at a size 14-16, I would have called bullshit because I wouldn’t believe it was possible. Yet, here I am with all of those things and plans to be parents one more time, and would I change anything? Fuck no! Does my size define me as a person? No. My size doesn’t reflect the amount of time I spend with my kids, the effort I put into what we eat, the number of times I walk up and down the stairs in a day or the number of calories I burn tidying up after a pair of cyclones! Do size and lycra define the gym mum’s at school pick up? No. But I think I would be a mega-cranky-wolverine if my down time was spent on an elliptical machine, and I was fucking hungry all the time! Yes, I’m heavier than I’d like, but I have an awesome rack! I am loved for who I am within my own circle of family and friends, and I can’t ask for more than that.

  • Mel Hunt

    Mrs Woog you are a goddamn legend. Great post and fab picture 🙂

    • Why thank you so much Mel, I am glad you enjoyed it x

  • Nellie

    Fist pumps and kisses to you Mrs Woog. I am currently going through my wardrobe and berating myself for the things that no longer fit. I need to give myself a break. Three kids and a full on life do not count for nothing. It’s a bloody number on a tag not a life skill! Am going to put the little clothes in a goodwill bin where they can happily serve littler people than I.

    • Shit yeah! Embrace your new style. Give yourself the break that you need Nellie xx

  • Melanie Scott Burnicle

    I will admit it – I am a bit fat and it’s because I am lazy and have very little will power or persistence when it comes to matters of healthy eating and exercise.
    BUT I am not ashamed of it, just now focusing on how to deal with it while still being kind to me – in the interim I don’t let feelings of self worth be measured on a scale that is inversely proportionate to my dress size 🙂

  • Kerryn

    I quite love you Mrs Woog.
    Yes, I am in my perfect body right now. I can run, throw my kids around in the pool, have great sex, look hot in a dress, and where I sit on a line of numbers does not affect any of that. Where Maria Kang sits on a line of numbers doesn’t affect it either, nor does where Chrissie Swann sits.
    I kind of get outraged for a minute, but then I think “mmph, everyone has their point of upset, this is no longer mine”. Whether I’m fat or thin or somewhere in the middle is just between me and myself. As long as I like me, the rest of the world can have their thoughts. Happy.

    • Shannon Canaday

      This is a really fabulous comment and a place where we should all be!
      “Where I sit on a line of numbers does not affect any of that”. Really awesome!

  • Chelsea Sutherland

    I don’t necessarily like her delivery but I don’t entirely disagree with everything that Sharny has said either. As someone who’s lost 50kg since February 2012 (and still has about 20kg to go) I can hand on my heart say yes, I was lazy before. We don’t have kids, sure, but I did the long hours in a full time + job and was busy all the time. Not much has changed on the busy front and no, I still don’t have kids but truth be told I was probably never going to get a chance to have them or see them grow up if I kept at 146kg and growing.

    I am still busy most of the time and sure I have flexibility in my work now I freelance (but seriously for every paid hour I probably actually do 2-3hrs work) but I honestly think if you want it you’ll work for it – and it just depends what you want. I don’t necessarily want to be a fitness model or a personal trainer, but I do want to be a healthy weight (and I very definitely was not previously and my lifestyle was very definitely contributing to that) and I do want to be fit. In 18mths I went from getting puffed walking from the car to being able to complete Tough Mudder (albeit in about 5.5hrs when most people took about 3 but still). And it was just by making a few changes.

    Before I was freelancing I worked in event management so I would literally be starting some days at 5am and finishing them at 10pm or later. Could usually wrangle a free breakfast in the mornings and bring my lunch & snacks to work for through the day but I would be in a drive through between finishing at the office and heading to the evening event because “I didn’t have time” – um, I did, it just meant that maybe I needed to get off the couch or computer the night before and put something a little healthier than a Bacon Deluxe meal in a container to take along for my dinner. I still catch up with my friends – in fact some of them I see more – it’s just we’re climbing up a hill or local trail rather than sitting on a couch while we catch up and gossip.

    And in the article Sharny does say that even if you’re overweight and doing things like that, no you’re not lazy. And if you’re not overweight and not doing them, yes you probably are lazy too. I think it’s just so easy to jump on the “this person hates fat people” bandwagon, especially when they don’t necessarily do themselves any favours in how they deliver their message that makes things like this seem so much worse.

    And ultimately I think EVERYONE needs to just focus on what’s best/right for them and judge everyone a little less. “Mind your own business” might be a better excuse than “I like cake” because ultimately that’s what everyone needs to do. People really do feel the need to and like they have the right to comment on so many things that don’t affect them. I had a man at a train station once tell me that I should be riding a bike rather than the train home because I was so fat. I’ve also had people tease me about my choice to order something healthier off a menu (even bizarrely once when I ordered a Haloumi stack at a Greek restaurant, um lovely former co-workers it’s Greek so they do huge serves and it’s glorious slabs of fried cheese between token bits of vegetable) and in both of those cases those people should have just STFU and worried about themselves.

    • stinkb0mb

      Chelsea I LOVE this comment and I agree with it. And CONGRATULATIONS on your weightloss, 50kg is massive and you must be so proud of yourself! Good luck on the next 20kg – you got this.

      If you have a blog, I’d love the link so I could follow it x

      • Chelsea Sutherland

        Hey I finally started it, it’s a work in progress (I haven’t even finished registering my domain name or anything yet) but it is here: 🙂 xx

  • Reannon Hope

    I know what my ” real” body size/weight/shape is after many years of tyring to force it to be something it wasnt. Am I OK with it? Most days, for sure, because like you I LOVE CAKE ( and coke but I’m trying to cut back on that). !!! I wish we’d all just leave each other alone. If you want to be fat & lazy then do it! If you want to skinny & lazy then do it! If you want to be fat & not active do it! If you ant to be skinny & active do it! I dont mind as long as you are happy with what you do & own it.

  • Helen

    Yup, fat. Lazy, sometimes. Lazy because when I do make an effort to go
    out and exercise people feel like it’s perfectly OK to judge the
    beejeezus out of me and call me charming names like ‘fat slut’ and inform
    me that McDonalds is just around the corner. People are assholes and
    should mind their own business and maybe the fat people would feel more
    comfortable about going outside and doing something.

    • Shannon Canaday

      Oh, that is so sad, honestly….your comment took my breath away. Where are you exercising that there are people calling you “fat slut”?? As a consistent gym goer (and former obese woman), I can say that when I see ANY woman come into the gym (the place where most people do not want to be and are not comfortable), the first thing I think is GOOD FOR HER!
      I’m sorry your experiences have been so awful!

      • Helen

        I had the hide to go outside in public – walking (all my horrid experiences have been in great outdoors and general public)! My gym experiences are generally much more pleasant (lol) due to people like yourself Shannon 🙂 Like you, I applaud all and sundry who walk through the door.

        • Shannon Canaday

          That is bullshit, really. Although….when I think back on it, my most disheartening experiences have been outside also… both obese and slender. I used to run along a popular commuter route with a huge wide shoulder on it….and trucks would try to/pretend to try to hit me. At the time I had nothing to lose but my shitty life so I had no fear…but now it’s scary! Also, late last year when walking my dog off leash (my rather large dog) I had a pickup truck full of doped up young men harassing and following me while I jogged along the sidewalk. It wasn’t until I called my huge dog back to me that they took notice and took off.
          Stick with the gym, friend…’s safer and more life affirming! Do the things that feel good and avoid the things that make you feel badly!

          • Helen

            I regularly declare “people are assholes”. It’s a generalised statement but, as you’ve also experienced, far too often it’s true. Thanks for your kindness and support 🙂

  • LOVE THIS. I’m a hefty girl… I wouldn’t exactly put myself in the fat camp but I’m a very healthy size 14. I work my fucking arse off to look the way I do. I have the world’s shittest metabolism and when I was 20 and a size 18 I lost 20 kgs and have maintined it (give or take a few kgs) for 12 years. I’ve counted every calorie, worked out 3 to 7 times per week EVERY week since I was 16 years old and I still look like a gal who loves a good feed. My life is certainly blalanced (I love wine) but it shits me to tears when people who have functional food burning properties get all high and mighty about how ‘If I can do it… you can too!’. Bollocks. I DO do it and have done it religiously for 12 years and I look exactly like my previously size 10 friend who ‘let herself go’ after uni, never exercises, drinks like a fish and has ‘ballooned’ to a ‘disgusting’ size 14. Fuck. Off.

    • Emily @ The Beetle Shack

      you’re a very healthy FOX.

    • Meflabolism

      Smaggle – how do i like your comment more than once? Post thyroid issues, I have done the same for the last year since i’ve gone back to ‘normal’ thyroid levels, and sure I’ve gotten much fitter and feel heaps better but nadda on the scale.

  • Yes, I have a perfect body. It’s perfectly fat, thankyouverymuch.

  • Nicole Jackson

    Love this Mrs Woog. No mother – hey, no woman, should ever feel guilty about their weight. It is what it is.
    Unfortunately for lots of people I know – but great for me – I’m a mum to a two year old and over the last 12 months I’ve lost over 14kg and I’m actually having trouble eating enough to stop losing weight. (Yes I will shy away from the angry stares and evils) But I am happy and healthy and love my body – and to hell what anyone else thinks!!
    The main thing I think is learning to love your body – no matter if you’re a size 16+ or a size 8 🙂

  • ladybird73

    Dear Mrs Woog. I am loving at you.

  • Johanne Taylor

    As someone who’s varied from 10 to a Country Road 16, I exercise at high intensity 4 times a week and am generally active, But I eat lots (but eat very well) and have been around size 12 to 14 for a few years now. Fine.
    Truly the time I was most angered by my body was while we were on the IVF roundabout. Nothing to do with working towards what you want and changing my diet because in the end my childbearing hips were unable to bear children? Truly my size and laziness (or not) couldn’t change the reality of my body being unable to do what was important to me.

  • Emily @ The Beetle Shack

    I know this is not what you’re asking for in the post but can I just say, you’re totally attractive and not chunky.

    Now that thats out of the way, I’m SO in survival mode and friday nights with take out and a bottle of wine is the best part of my week. Every week. Shiraz (or merlot, you choose) and indian. bam.

  • mumabulous

    I’m not proud of this but I am a size 10 and I can honestly say that I have loathed my body since age 14. I wish I could find the acceptance you have.

  • My excuse is: my body has been through the ringer and I just don’t need to feel guilty about being who or what I am. I wore a back brace for 5 years from the age of 10 followed by a spinal fusion at the age of 15 (8 rods and 16 screws in my spine). I show my body respect and live a balanced lifestyle…which means I am fun and don’t beat myself up if I miss a day at the gym or eat an extra Tim Tam. Or drink an extra bottle, I mean GLASS, of wine.
    (PS: I’d totally turn for you Mrs W. x)

  • Janelle Spear

    Gotta say, I loved reading this as I was shoveling pizza into my mouth!!

  • I love cake too xx

  • My daughter is 16 months old and I love my body. I am thinner than ever, more toned than ever and HEALTHIER than ever. Skinny means shit. Healthy is what matters and a “fat” person can be healthier than a skinny minnie thats for sure. But I ask you, WHAT IS FAT these days? Seriously. Anyways… Am I fit? Not really (currently embarking on a program to GET fit though). DO I love my body, fuck yes. Do I think fat people are lazy? Pretty much. Yep, I said it.

    • Kate

      Your inability to phrase your critical thoughts (which you are of course entitled to) in a more constructive or thoughtful way just ensured that I will never be checking out your blog. Here’s hoping you never have any health problems or similar (or even just hot your thirties/forties etc) that cause you to put on a few kilos and gain a slightly different perspective.
      Yep. I said it.

      • I’m curious as to why you bit Kate? Is it because I’m a woman who is (god forbid) comfortable with her body? Or is it because you are not? Despite having a pretty serious thyroid disease and dealing with surgery on my bung joints every 2 years I’m sill able to remain healthy but thanks for your assumptions. I can have perspective on this situation because I’ve been at both ends Of the scale – 25 kilos heavier than I am now and very unhealthy and finally healthy and happy. Shoot me.
        Perhaps you SHOULD read my blog before commenting next time and you’d know all this.

        • Kate

          I replied because your first part of your comment seemed so positive-you obviously feel great about your body and are in a good place-and one that luckily for you, mainstream society smiles upon for women (being slim). Yet at the end you see fit to make what seems to be a really flippant and negative almost aside-yep! Fat people are lazy! Which comes across as so quickly judgemental and nasty from your position of feeling great. And in your replies to Mrs Woog you have to clarify your position twice. Only *some* fat people are lazy. Only *this* qualifies as fat. You are making quick, unhelpful value judgements about people whose lives you know nothing about. Yet you say you’ve had health and weight problems yourself-but you haven’t then learned what a luxury it is to make those judgements about others? I’m sad your experience didn’t help you learn to empathize.

    • Jackie! Thanks for your comment. You sound like you are in a great place right now. The problem that I have is the assumption that overweight people are lazy. I am carrying too many KG’s at present, this I know. Nobody knows it more than me. But I would not consider myself lazy.

      I train twice a week, walk everyday and try not to eat schnitzel at any given opportunity.

      I think my point is that lazy people are lazy. And if they are happy, then so be it.

      Make sense?

      • I couldn’t give two shits if you’re (not you, anyone) overweight or not, if your happy then yay, that’s the main thing right? When I say fat people are lazy I’m talking biggest loser fat. Not 5 kilos over fat. That’s not fat, that’s called LIVING. And by lazy I’m not just saying in a physical sense. Being healthy and having as you called it “the perfect body” is defined by the individual.
        For the record I think you look fab. Conversations (blog posts, radio shows etc) like this don’t even need to be happening, it just makes people more consumed with their body.

        • I actually beg to differ. These conversations are really helpful for those who are not quite as comfortable with their skin as you and I are lucky enough to be. I think the proof is in the comments. But we do agree on one thing…. not giving a shit… but then again, here we are discussing it.

          Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy an intelligent different side to the coin xx

          • It makes me want to write a blog post about how women who are comfortable in their skin (whether they are “skinny” or “fat”) are usually slammed for it. But then I’d be a hypocrite. Going to go enjoy a baked dessert on the couch now! Thanks for the though-provoking post Mrs Woog.

        • Fatty McFattertonne

          Really Jackie? You’re making a huge sweeping generalisation there. I’m “Biggest Loser fat” and I am far from lazy. I have a very physical job, I maintain a house, I exercise and yet I’m still fat.

          I’m not going to make excuses as to why I’m fat because really it’s no one elses bloody business BUT I do and will ALWAYS take exception to people who really have no bloody idea, making sweeping judgemental statements like you just did.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I am not allowed to put on weight for the reason my leg will literally fall apart so I watch what I eat but I ain’t no super model never have been and never will be.I don’t like calling people fat either your curvy or your not and I don’t think curvier people are lazy some of the bigger women I know are the fittest and busiest people I have ever seen.

    • Susan

      You can’t throw that out there without an explanation and I am dying of curiosity! Please do tell what you mean by “my leg will literally fall apart”. Just asking because I am nosey, have no wish to offend.

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Susan I have had 5 ops on my knee and a knee replacement 3 years ago which they had to put extra bits in so if I put on weight my knee won’t hold me up ,I hope that helps to explain!

        • Susan Brown

          Thank you for that Lisa, it does satisfy my curiosity. I have a friend who is very overweight and badly needs knee surgery. She has had a couple of previous surgeries and is now looking at knee replacement. The surgeon has told her to lose weight before he will do the op. A reasonable suggestion I would think but very hard to carry out. I have arthritis in my feet and am overweight due to taking steroids as part of my chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma. I have had chemo on and off for 18 years and was hoping for a break sometime soon so that I could have some much needed foot surgery (not recommended while on steroids as healing is impaired) but it looks as if a break is not forthcoming. My point here is that our feet (and knees) carry a heavy load and I am terrified of putting on more weight with the steroid intake. I am fat, but not lazy. However I am fairly immobile (not through choice – chemo is strength sapping) and it looks as if this situation will not change any time soon so I am trying to learn to accept it. I applaud you for being able to maintain your weight in order to maintain your leg. You deserve a medal. Well done.

  • Liz Posmyk

    Great piece, Mrs Woog… I’m in Noosa right now and have been feeling slightly embarrassed while trying on new clothes that my 55 year old body is no longer 52 kg. That said, I like cake too… and lots of other good things. As far as starving myself and going to the gym 21 times a week, my response nowadays is F%^&* that.

  • Ms Midge

    I really love Chrissie Swan, I do. I listen to her the mornings that I am driving to work, and I laugh hysterically sometimes. BUT. I don’t think she argued her case very well in this interview. I don’t think the other “fit chick” did either. And I think it’s because I’m sick of people making weight and size in to an argument. I am 5′ 4″, between 52-54kg most days, and I am 38 years old with 4 kids. The amount of comments that I get sledging me for the fact that I am “small” I could not count on my fingers and toes. Too many to remember. I am made to feel like I have to justify why I am not overweight or why I do not stuff my face with crappy food. So I have taken to telling people who care to sledge that they should just let me have this one great gene I got from my Mother, given all the shitty ones I also got. I like that I’m the way I am, but I do not begrudge anyone else their shape and size – regardless of whether they like themselves or not. I think I have MY perfect body, because I’m happy and healthy. I just don’t think it’s worth an argument.

  • I really don’t get people being so concerned with how other people look or eat or exercise or whatever. It’s this woman’s aggressive nature that gets my back up.
    Am I overweight? According to the BMI and waist measurements, yes. Am I unhappy about it, sometimes. Do people who say I’m lazy, etc inspire me to change, no.

    About 10 years ago I dieted and exercised like a freak and became super-skinny. Over the years the weight crept back on, but not to levels it once was. Whenever I mention dieting again my husband gets that *look* that basically told me I was a nightmare to live with at the time and sucked the fun out of everything.

    These days, my family is active together, we also enjoy eating together. Most importantly we laugh and have fun together whether we’re running around at the park or gorging on yum cha. It’s all about balance. Getting the “perfect” body would mean having to sacrifice my already perfect mind and I’m not willing to do that!!



  • Just me

    I like cake too! Hence my happiness at a size 10, despite societies size six obsession

  • cannahanda

    Who is this Sharny (what an appalling name!)? Why are people asking her opinion and do we really care about her opinion? She’s obviously hungry….

  • ZucchiniBikini

    Indeed I do have a perfect body, since you ask.

    A perfect, size 16, tummy-bulgy, big boobed, big arsed body. That is MINE and carried three babies successfully and carries me through every day of my busy, productive and usually pretty damn happy life.

  • KJ

    “This is my body and it’s fine
    It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time
    It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. ”

    – Tim Minchin

    I once un-lazied myself and got down to my ideal BMI. Fuck it was boring. Thinking about every little thing you put in your mouth is exhausting and ridiculous. It’s absolutely Important to be healthy, but not fanatical.

  • MeritInBeingFit

    Not yet. But I’m close. I’m a healthy size 9 and I’m never hangry. I have a treat about once a week. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for my well-being. I have a bit of a dodgy right hip and this was the catalyst for me to increase my exercise and change my lifestyle. I still have a couple of drinks on a special occasion. Everything I cook is healthy AND delicious. Fat-shaming and thin-shaming have no place though. I get accused of eating air and ridiculed for not having a cake at morning teas ALL THE TIME. People are entitle to make their own choices and do what makes them happy. I can assure you though, I feel so much better at size 9 than I did at 12.

  • No one has the right to judge you until they have spent at least a day in your shoes! I love Chrissie Swan and I bet she kicked her ass

  • Deborah Lee

    Wow. You look great. And happy. That cake suits you!

  • I think some are. and I think some skinny people are lazy too. what’s the definition of lazy tho? I go to PT 3 times a week and play tennis twice a week. I work 27 hours a week and am about to start2 subjects at uni for my masters. am I lazy? no. do I have my perfect/ideal body? no. got nothing to do with being lazy.

  • katerina stepovikov

    Look Madam Woogie are effin gorgeous…..the child like woman with 3 kids just dont do it for me……i have 2 sons who like an arse to be the size of Texas…..they’re words ,not mine…..oh sorry …well i dont know about lazy…so cant comment….

  • Zoe

    You look amazing, and you are awesome! Love this!

  • Skinny lazy

    You know what is also really sad about this is that some woman are really lucky and are skinny lazy, so if your fat you are in the firing line but I am sure that there are plenty of skinny people out there who are lazy, eat bad and would be running the risk of heart disease but cause they are skinny, society thinks they are okay.

  • Ok so everyone could be slimmer/healthier if they tried and some could call that laziness but generalisations?.. I hate that..I train like a nutter, its a sickness I can live with as I do have a fear of getting fat.. I just grew up in a screwed up industry and thats where it left me.Shit happens.. BUT this is where you find me, EVERY night.. in my training kit scoffing chocolate on the sofa so my training is essentially just maintenance!

  • Ella Spurling

    You Mrs Woog are a fantastic and gorgeous human. I don’t think anyone has the right to call someone lazy just because they don’t exercise. It’s their own prerogative whether or not they exercise and sometimes you just don’t wanna! In my eyes, no mother is EVER lazy (fat or not).

    I like cake too Mrs Woog. I’d love to make you one, one day!

  • TwitchyCorner

    Darling the truth is if your body *works*, gets you around, makes your babies, keeps them alive, is not in pain or broken… it’s as good as perfect for now. Size goes up, down, circumstances change and every one should either make peace with it or get over it. I’m too tired from 1-2 non-sleeper/s to exercise more than the dog walking at the moment. Am I fat? No. Flabby yes. Another day I might not be. Where’s the fire? xx

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  • Frank

    Wear the same thing the above chick is wearing, then show us your photo. You wish you looked like her, stop trying to prove otherwise. Go have a cake and enjoy your proud ugly body. If you could click your fingers and transform instantly, you would, lazy fuck.

  • TeganMC

    I’m currently a size 26 and am the heaviest that I have ever been. I am trying to lose weight but that’s not the issue here. I have regular blood tests because my GP believes that I must have something wrong with me because I am overweight. Those tests did discover that I have sleep apnea, however everything else is completely normal. I have good cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. I’m overweight yes, but my body is healthy at the moment.

  • Marianne

    I have a body that treats me a heck of a lot better than I have treated it. It’s a bit lumpy and bumpy, but it has created and delivered 2 beautifully healthy children, beaten cancer, survived a hysterectomy at 30, and carries me through every day. It goes to the gym, and it loves a good glass of vodka and devouring a cheese platter. It might not look like those ridiculous photoshopped things on telly and in magazines, but it’s mine, it’s real and I love it. So does my husband. And that’s all that really matters! Love your work Mrs Woog. Let them eat cake!!

  • You are beautiful just the way you are. Health and happiness are important always. If you are happy then let the world know. I ma happy with my size 10-12 and my little tummy that i grew my two gorgeous daughters in. I am me and you are you gorgeous you. Everyone has their own self beliefs and although I did struggle with my looks and body and to be honest I still do I am learning to embrace me for me and love it. V x

  • Bella

    My 8 year old is a super sporty very talented girl & I am always asked if she takes after her dad as I am currently overweight (size 16/18) I get so embarrassed.
    I don’t have a newborn anymore & I am STILL in survival mode. 1 of my 2 kids has adhd & my husband works away most weeks on top of dealing with his anxiety & depression problems so when I do get some free time I take to the couch & love every minute of it BUT my house is clean & children cared for accordingly….does that make me lazy? Probably does but I am ok with that

  • Ezz

    “Fat shaming” is just another way we are controlled and told how to be as women by society. I am a heathy size 18 and have struggled with my body my whole life. While helping a friend to train for the New York Marathon I had an epiphany, being fat has nothing to do with activity, laziness or your worth has a person. I saw many overweight people run across that finish line and not a single one of them was ‘lazy’!

  • Hahahah. These days I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of my fatness, or hair colour or diet or clothes that I wear. I do it all for me. If anyone ever said anything I would always call them out on it and ask them why my weight/ hair colour is important to them. That usually stuffs them. I have taught my kids that if anyone were say something nasty about their appearance, that they should respond with- ” yes i can always change that, but you can’t change or ever take back that ugliness that just came out of your heart and mouth.”

    I always feel a bit lazy and that i could be more active, but jesus, they should come and live a week in my shoes and see just how they o

    • For me it’s about having the IDEAL LIFE!!! Not body. My ideal life consists of what I am doing, minus structured exercise- i get plenty of incidental and follow low carb high fat diet, almost paleo, but with dairy. For everyone that ideal life may be different. also there are circumstances thrust upon us, like sick or aging relatives. Getting through everyday life may be the expenditure of one’s energy. People who critisize (haha) overweight people need to be more tolerant of difference!!!! Are they the same with skin colour, hair colour, teeth shape, what people are wearing????? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Oh to be so perfect that you can label!!! Hahaha

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I could care less if I’m fat (well I am) but if my mind works, I’m relatively pain free and my body works then I’m happy. Fat shaming is low and says more about a persons character than their perfect BMI ever will!

  • I love Vanilla slice and Hot chips – and my body is far from perfect so I don’t give a piece of cake – I still try to keep fit because I can’t afford new clothes and my cake addiction.

  • Kel

    I am currently growing baby #3 and am fully aware that I’m not supermodel material. But I never was. I had my perfect body between the ages of 17 and 20. Didn’t appreciate it, spent hours picking on it and wishing it was something other than what it was. Hindsight truly does make me shake my head.
    Since then I’ve spent less time worrying about what other people thought and more time focusing on the fact that the people who are in my life are there for a reason, the people who love me do exactly that and the mums who do the school drop off/pick up in spandex and let their jaws drop when I turn up mid-donut are not really ever going to fit into my life of “does it taste good? Eat it!”
    I never did have the willpower to walk away from anything delicious, and after 31 years I honestly can’t see that changing. I need people who enjoy churros as much as I do and can’t quote how many calories there are in a Max Brenner hot chocolate.

  • Antoinette

    I felt so vindicated for being fluffy most of my life, when I saw this article on my newsfeed. Need I say more. Oh and by the way, I was a registered nurse before I retired and I wasn’t lazy at all!