Frantically Looming

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The Rainbow Loom was invented in 2010 by Cheong Choon Ng of Michigan. Encouraged by his family, he invested $11,00 and went-a-mnufacturing in China.

What Cheong Choon Ng didn’t expect, was that absolutely nobody was interested in his invention, because no one had a fucking clue what the whole thing was about.


Cheong Choon Ng is now a very wealthy man, despite many impostor and inferior looming equipment coming out after his early market domination. I admire his insistence to succeed and his humbleness. He says, “My family, especially my daughters, got to see how a simple idea could evolve into one of the most popular toys or crafts in the US. I think it is amazing.”

Why am I telling you this?

Because since December, we have been running our own Rainbow Looming Factory, churning out bracelets like some sort of Malaysian Sweat Shop. And when I say we, I of course mean Jack.

He has taken to looming like a man possessed. Hooking, twisting, admiring his handiwork, and of course SELLING THEM.

We were in the car the other day, Harry was watching Jack hook and twist and asked him how much he was selling the bracelet for. Jack told him, that for him, the price was $4. Harry asked me whether I thought it was worth it. Harry is cashed up at the moment as he has also started up a small business, Harry’s Dog Droppings Express, where he goes and cleans up people’s yards.

I looked at the bracelet and expressed my thoughts that it might be a tad over-priced. Heated haggling commenced, until I told both boys that if they were quiet for the rest of the trip, I would reward them with a Fruit Mentos.

Yesterday, Jack gave me the cash he had made from selling his bracelets. He wanted to reinvest back into his business. I was to search for something called A LOOPY LOOM, a device that would product a more complex bracelet. He also needed some camouflage bands, to incorporate the military look into his Autumn/Winter collection.


I schlepped around Macquarie Centre, going from shop to shop. They all shook their heads. I then let my fingers do the walking and called around. “Do you have any Loopy Looms?” I would ask, feeling slightly stupid. I had become a loopy loom hunter. And I was told, by each shop assistant who probably wielded thousands of calls such as my own, that they were out of stock.

So I came home, got onto eBay and spend Jack’s Capitol online. Expected delivery, Thursday.

Rainbow Loom Bands.

How many do you have currently residing in your vacuum cleaner?