My Mate Charlotte.

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I will never forget the first time I introduced Charlotte to my son Jack. We were at a Marriage Equality Rally in the city. He took one look at her and fell in love with this glamorous, Amazonian creature. He complimented her on her hair and the small tattoo on her foot, before taking her hand in his.

I marched behind them, smiling at the way they swung their hands and practiced their catwalk.

My friend Kate called me this morning, to see if I was ok.

I was great! I had just come off the beach, where I did a little meditating (something I do daily to try and slow my mind). There was the most amazing breeze that danced around me, and coupled with the sound of my kids playing in the ocean, it was the most lovely feeling ever. You know, when you have a special moment?

Then she told me about the passing of my friend Charlotte Dawson.

Daws and I have been friends for years, having been introduced my mutual ones. There was not one reason not to love her at once. Talk about an open book! It was this open way that she lived her life that caused her Agent to dump her, saying that she was not “SALEABLE” anymore, as she continued to speak out and raise awareness about her mental health and the mental health system at large despite them asking her to reign in her public persona.

Like trying to push back the tide.

And then there was the constant attacks. On her looks. On her work. On her age. And then there are the unspeakable horror that she was subjected to via Social Media.

But Charlotte was fearless. She was the champion of the underdog, and there are so many “behind the scenes” things that she did to help people, ordinary everyday people, things that were not done for publicity. Not done for praise, but done because Charlotte had an enormous heart and a passionate sense of justice. Charlotte the Model Judge was a character she played with aplomb. Charlotte the person was a different kettle of fish.

AND SHE WAS FUNNY! “Woogs” she’d say… “I am really pissed off, can’t you tell?” and I would look at her, her face would be blank. It was a repeated joke that she would make, poking fun at her fondness for Botox.

“Woogs” She would say “What do you think of my new boyfriend?” and she would show me a photo of a man in his early twenties before admitting that he might be a bit too old for her…

I told Jack this afternoon that Aunty Charlotte had died. And of course, he asked the question…

“How did she die?”

I told her that she died of a broken heart, but in reality, she has left many broken hearts behind.

Charlotte, if you are listening. I love you. I miss you. Know how much you are loved. I shall see you at the disco in the sky. I will be waiting for you with a cold bottle of wine, two straws.

Indeed my heart is broken.

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