Trivial Pursuits


Last night I shocked myself. I never thought that I was as dumb as a box of hair, but after my performance at a trivia night, I am beginning to wonder whether I am not far from it.

Two mates have been competing at Trivia Night at the Terrey Hills Tavern each Tuesday night for the past 6 years. WITHOUT FAIL. Their team of two is called Mumnesia (amnesia… get it?) and yesterday I was asked whether I might like to join them. I warned them of my intellectual prowess and agreed to help them out.

Trivia Night at the Terrey Hills Tavern is a competitive affair. The tables are full of teams, some containing up to 8 players, which immediately put Mumnesia at a disadvantage. The gals in my team called out to all of the others, they know each other very well. Dinner was served before play commenced. I judge a pub by its Schnitzel with Pepper Sauce, and I was not disappointed in this case. My fellow team mates both eat steak each Tuesday. One well done, and one medium rare.

Matt was the Quizmaster and I suspect the third brother of The Proclaimers, such was the uncanny resemblance. And as he spat out the questions with speed, it occurred to me that I had completely talked myself up, and I was unable to answer any of the questions faster than the Mumnesia ladies. They be small, but they be mightly! I quickly realised that I was with the crack squad. Mumnesia, my ass!

There were 2 sets of twenty questions with a well earned toilet break in between. The teams take this time to mingle socially and discuss why certain players where missing that night.

“I hear that Irene could not make it because she has had that big mole cut off her nose…”

“John sends his regards, but his daughter is down from Budrim…”

That type of thing. It was a community of sorts. There was a much loathed team of Gen-Y’ers who didn’t mingle with the mob. The goal was to place above them, and wipe their smirks off their faces and into their pear cider.

Do you remember when Brigit Jones answered LUCKY STAR instead of HOLIDAY? I had my own moment like that when I insisted that the correct answer was RIO when in fact the real answer was Havana during a question about Barry Manilow’s single Cococabana, a song which I thought I knew off by heart. I was mortified.

Despite having me on the team, Mumnesia pulled in a respectable Third Place, well above the Gen-Y table.

I arrived home to a sleeping Mr Woog, who stirred and mumbled “How was the movie?…”  which goes to show how much he actually listens to me.


I did excel at one area. Once. The picture deciphering section. This was a place, and I got it in 1.5 seconds because of my filthy mind…

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.43.19 AM


(hint – it is the Capitol of Lebanon)