My Black Panther


Chuy has a part time modelling gig

I was at the pet shop yesterday. I needed a new collar for the cat as he had managed to lose his old one. This was a bit sad for us, as he has been, for the past 3 years, wearing our old cat Wilson Woog’s collar and tag so it was a bit sentimental. Wilson Woog came to us as an elderly rescue cat. Wilson was the best cat and when he died, we were all shattered.

But then Mum got Harry a kitten and all was right in the world again.

As Chuy grew, so did his sense of adventure and we would quite often get calls from people in our neighbourhood telling us that “Wilson” was at their house, having a little siesta on their couch.

Chuy is more of a dog than a cat. He will fetch a ball. Come, sit and stay and is very food driven, much like a labrador. He is also a hunter of extreme skill, so when he lost Wilson’s Collar I knew that it had to be replaced, as the bell buys the feral rabbits some time. He stays inside at night, but does the dawn patrol. Like a black panther.

I selected the most girly collar I could find, as I enjoy irony and thought they other cats could laugh at him, taking him down a peg or two, as he has a massive ego. He has a habit of hiding in the front bushes and jumping out at all the dogs who are going on their morning walk. While they stop to drop a load on my front lawn, that is when Chuy pounces. I never tire of the sight. He is passionate about defending his property from other cats. Chuy is a cat who hates cats.

I chatted with the sales lady as she did the engraving on the heart-shaped pendant. She too has a big black cat, who also likes to bring her presents as often as he can. Even a small snake once. She explained to me that it means that they love you, and are trying to impress you.

I am not impressed.

I came home and admired the collar.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.40.28 AM

I am so pleased that I took a photo of it. It gives me something to remember it by, as Chuy went out for his morning constitutional/dog terrorising/bunny patrol and came back without it. I knew he would have been thinking “What the fuck is this thing she has put on me? Stupid cow…”

So I am off to the petshop again today. I am going to get the cheapest collar, one like Wilson had. Wilson, we still miss you. Your obese, wheezing, manky drooling face was perfection. You would watch as mice would eat your food from your bowl. You slept a lot. My kinda cat.

What was your favourite pet ever?