Our Family Portrait.

This is our family portrait.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.54.31 AM

It was taken in the mid 70’s in the front yard of Nanna and Poppa’s farm. Look at my Mum. A complete hotty, even with a questionable hairdo. My Dad, the snappy dresser, tenderly cradling his favourite child, Toohey. My brother’s outfit makes me think that this photo might have been taken in October. To the left, you can see a bush that I drove straight onto on a 4 wheeler. I still have the scar on my left shin. It was about this time that my sister on the left, Mrs Ryan, decided she did not want to eat animals anymore, a decision that still stands today.

I remember staying at the farm at Kootingal often. I loved it. So many animals. Poppa bred Sidney Silky Terriers, the most famous ones being named Scotch and Coke. This photo brings up so many memories. I love it.

Which brings me to my point. When did family photos get so fancy?

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.13.28 AM

I was chatting to a school mum the other day, who had to go to the studio to go through the prints of their recent family photo shoot, so she could select the ones that she would then have blown up into huge canvases to hang in her foyer. It was an important decision as the session and prints cost a lot.

So naturally, I asked how much.

It cost more than my first car AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. Picture my Nissan Skyline over the fireplace, if you will.

Recently, a Victorian Mum took offence that the school photography company engaged to photograph students, offered a retouching service so your kid could look hotter. Madness.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.39.44 AM

Apparently you get sucked into these “investments” by guilt, a good dollop of keeping up with the Joneses or because you “won” a professional photo shoot in the school raffle. And then they hit you with all the other added costs until you are out-of-pocket by THOUSANDS of dollars. BUT the files are kept at the studios, and should you ever get divorced, your ex can be photoshopped out of all the photos. So sweet.

Photographers, I know these prices can be justified, so please share…

Have you ever had a professional family photo shoot? How much did it cost?

What was your Dad’s beverage of choice, back in the day‚Ķ.. KB?