Glamour Granny

Yesterday we celebrated Dad’s 70th Birthday with a knees up in his backyard. Dad cannot believe he is 70. He told me when he was my age, and someone turned 70, they were followed around with embalming fluid. But he feels terrific, looks great thanks to a new personal trainer, and announced that he will be retiring in July.

He retired once before, but it didn’t take. So we shall see come Winter.

Aunty Pat and Aunty Margaret were there of course. I had to leave before they got pissed and did their traditional rendition of “Knees Up Mother Brown..” but I thought to would be remiss of me not to do a style post about the splendid outfit that Aunty Pat was working. Now 85, she was immediately honoured with the title of Best in Show at the party.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.21.52 AM


Aunty Pat refuses to go grey and prefers to dress in bright colours. Her style mantra is CO-ORDINATE, making sure that the “story” is complete with a bright lashing of lipstick. This natty banana pant suit is by Australian label LEESA, a shop, she says, that stocks well made, Australian Made stylish outfits for the more mature woman. High in quality, she has teamed her suit with a top by Liz Jordan. The gold flecks go spectacularly with the yellow.

It is almost a year since some young tool broke into her flat and stole all her jewellery, so she wanted to give thanks to Allianz Insurance, who were very helpful in assisting her to replace her expensive collection. Here she is wearing a gold necklace and gold earrings. Not sponsored by Allianz.

But the most exciting news was that she was awarded the title of Glamour Granny on a cruise she took recently!

Uncle Phil and Aunty Margaret where too busy throwing up in their cabin, but Uncle Phil’s sister Cecily, urged Aunty Pat to enter. Aunty Pat did not have to be asked twice. Part of the competition was a dancing component. Everyone else had a partner, so Aunty Pat asked the ship’s captain to be her partner, but he said no. ASSHOLE. Anyway, she ended up dancing the Cha Cha by herself and won! The prize was a Harrod’s Carry Bag, which she went and priced at the gift shop on the ship. Turned out it was worth $40, so she was stoked.

Do you have an Aunty Pat?

How do you plan to keep yourself nice when you are 85?