The Hot Tip

The door bell rang last night. It was the pizza delivery dude. The crowd went wild, and I grabbed a couple of gold coins that were floating around the bottom of my handbag.

“Thanks son…” I said, thinking that I had completely turned into my mother’s mother. I mean, who calls a stranger SON?

I do apparently….

“Oh WOW!” He beamed. “Thanks!”

“Don’t people tip you?” I asked.

“Never…” he replied before practically skipping back down the garden path.

Stingy Bastards of my neighbourhood, cough up.


Whenever I start getting a little overwhelmed and my brain is getting crowded, I take 48 hours “off the grid”. It was either Funky hipsters or obsessive social media types (or perhaps a hybrid of both) who coined the phrase “off the grid” which basically means to put down your internetty devices and read a book or two. That is what I did over the weekend. Tres terrific. Try it soon.


When you find yourself naked in the spa at 10pm with a couple of girlfriends, it is the universes way to tell you to get your naked ass to bed.


The Mighty Ducks had a magnificent trial game against Lana Covay yesterday. At one point I exclaimed from the sidelines “Are we actually the Waratahs?” Coach Walsh and I were very pleased with the prospect of bringing our little team to triumphant glory this season, but then last night he called with the news that his son had broken his arm coming off a “fucking skateboard” and he was out for the season.

Will Coach Walsh continue to coach the Ducks? Watch this space……


I found paradise on Pittwater. I will tell you where it is, as long as you keep it too yourself. We do not need it overrun with people ok? You will need a boat to get there. Steal one if you have to. It is worth it.


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.17.09 AM

Have you been?


So that is a couple of hot tips from me.

Oh, and when you have a big day on, one of your kids will throw up all the previous night…. It is just a given. Don’t fight it.

What is your hot tip?