As Sure as the Dawn


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There are somethings that are so familiar, that you can sometimes fail to acknowledge it. But if you really open your eyes, I mean really observe your day, you will find that there is a pattern that evolves, whether you like it or not.

It may be the way that you make your toast. Me? I like to spread the butter while the toast is still piping hot and wait until it melts in before scraping Vegemite sparingly across the top. Mr Woog makes the worlds most appalling toast. I cannot even go into it.

So I thought I would share a few things about my day, which is as sure as the dawn.

  • As sure as the dawn…. I will wake up with the cat sitting on the chest of draws staring at me, waiting to be fed.
  • As sure as the dawn…. We will have run out of milk
  • As sure as the dawn…. There will be a small, but perfectly formed turd waiting to greet me in the dunny.
  • As sure as the dawn…. The courier will come when I am hanging washing on the line, and leave me a WE ARE SORRY WE MISSED YOU card.
  • As sure as the dawn…. the courier is not sorry at all.
  • As sure as the dawn…. there will be a dirty plate on top of the dishwasher.
  • As sure as the dawn…. the kitchen bin will be overflowing
  • As sure as the dawn…. there will be an empty yoghurt pot on the coffee table and a dirty spoon on the floor.
  • As sure as the dawn…. that actually IS NOT enough petrol to get you home.
  • As sure as the dawn…. you will go to Country Road to use your Spend and Save Card, but the offer ended yesterday. Also, you would have bought this last week, and it went on sale today. FUCKERS.

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  • As sure as the dawn….when you ask the family what they want for dinner, they all say SPAG BOL.
  • As sure as the dawn…. someone you married would have taken the twenty bucks from your wallet which you discover when you go to pay for one cup of coffee, so you have to put in on EFTPOS and deal with the dirty look from the barista.
  • As sure as the dawn…. you can pretty much count on me to write a blog post about nothing, every once in a while.

What is the ONE THING that you can count on happening everyday?

You may even have more…..