The Bali Nine.

Greetings from Bali, where the weather is hot, the beer is cold, and I am travelling with my sister, my mum, Jack and an assorted gaggle of mates. All 9 of us (the new Bali Nine) arrived 2 nights ago for a cheap and cheerful stay in the place that I call, Australia’s 8th State and/or territory. Called such, because it is so Australian here, if you shut your eyes you could be on the Gold Coast.

We are staying at The Ramada Camakila Resort, which is situated smack bang on the beach at Legian. A finer location you would not want. The whole of the Legian Area, particularly the beach front, has seemed to have had a makeover and is tres-fresh. Bravo Balinese!

Mum and Aunty Lois went a wandering yesterday and returned with a gift for Jack, who is now to be found doing his best Kylie impression around the pool.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.39.07 AM

Dinner and a show at 6pm anyone?

Harry sensibly decided to stay at home, following his controversial slip and fall at Chatswoog Chase and sub-sequential arm smashing. Humidity and a full length fibreglass cast do not a happy choppy make.

I have written a bit for The Hoopla today about wearing matching knickers and bras. (Please note that there is no segue there, as Bintang has clearly affected my creative writing skills and it was difficult to go from talking about the beach to talking about bra shopping)



Anyway, I must away. This hair ain’t going to braid itself.

Been to Bali recently?

Got any hot tips? Shopping? Eating? Navel Contemplating?