Ear Infection

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A Sunday morning spent at the local medical centre, does not a happy camper make. You are sitting there on some nasty green and purple chairs, along with half of the population of Sydney who are all coughing and spluttering, and basically dying in front of you. You read the posters on the walls, telling you to get the Flu Jab, and you feel sorry for the poor bastards who are too late to heed this advice.

You watch, as an hour goes by.

You watch, as another hour goes by.

All of a sudden a doctor calls out your son’s name, and you spring from your seat like your name has just been called on The Price in Right! Following the doctor down the hall, there is no time for pleasantries.

“What is the problem?” He asks.

“Jack has an ear infection and he needs some antibiotics….” I tell him.

“I WILL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT!” He yells, before having a look into Jack’s ear.

“Jack has an ear infection and needs some antibiotics.” He tells me gravely. He prints out a script for me, tells me to keep the ear dry and wished me a good day.

The whole interaction was over in 90 seconds.

Back in the waiting room, I made some comment to Mr Woog about the Doctors abrupt manner. Mr Woog told me that he doesn’t blame him. Plowing through patients like they are sitting on some sort of mechanical assembly line, on a Sunday where he would probably much rather be lying on the couch with a cup of tea watching the Motor Grand Prix.

Which is what HE is doing right now…..

In other news, I am planning a series of soft pant days to herald in two weeks of not searching for matching grey socks at 8.45am each morning.

What is the longest wait you have ever endured at the Medical Centre?

Are you on holidays yet?