The game they play in heaven?

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Watching the footy on the telly with Horatio yesterday bought back some sweet memories. Sitting on the hill with my grandparents, who moved to Parramatta to be within walking distance of the Stadium. Those two were mad fans.

He gets his cast off today. It has been six weeks since the slip and fall which cost him dearly in all sorts of ways. Missing out on the beginning of the rugby season was upsetting for him. My role as Team Manager was assigned to a willing and able Dad, who promised to hold the role for me until H is re-instated as the tight head prop (whatever the fuck that even means…)

But the problem is that he has done such a magnificent job, sending out detailed emails and is so super organised, that there is no WAY I can return to that job. The Pen Of The Week seems like the lamest idea ever, and if I can be totally honest, the last thing the team manager needs to do is to organise the wine and nibbles. This was my priority. It was appreciated I suspect, but not particularly progressive in terms of team management.

So I shall slink off into the crowd and cheer from the sidelines.

But I digress.

Horatio has a game plan when it comes to his career in footy. He plans to turn pro at some point. He is going to play union for a while, before making the switch to league. He figures that there are so many union players, he has a better chance with league as there are “not many who play it.”

There is in fact over 300,000 registered Rugby League playing kids in the country.

I am not going to be the one who smashes his dream. For you see we live in the Liberal heartland where Union is the game. The cars are massive black Audis and the dogs are labradors. The most exciting thing that has happened around these parts was when someone took the corner too fast after a bottle of chablis. and took out number 27’s postbox. Black BMWs pull out of driveways at 7.30am, to be replaced with tradesmen vans. There is always, ALWAYS, the sound of Jim’s Mowing doing their thing.

I grew up watching the footy. I went for the Magpies. Remember them? Whatever happened to the Newtown Jets? North Sydney Bears? The players had day jobs, and were certainly not rooting for England, or getting tattoos up the wazoo.

FuiFui MoiMoi was playing yesterday. Horatio said that he was getting too old to play. Mr MoiMoi is 34.

There was a Hopoate playing in the match, but not the one who stuck his finger up another players bottom. That Hopoate is the father of the non-finger up the bottom player.

Horatio continues to wear his Roosters jersey with pride everyday. When I see it abandoned on occasion, I boil it up and give it the most solid clean ever. For it is important to follow one’s dreams, even if they are a bit mis-guided.

Rugby or League

What is the preferred game at your place?