When Horatio Met Nathan Hindmarsh.

I was standing on a field watching Horatio do some footy training with Nathan Hindmarsh, when I heard the news that the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell had resigned.

Yes, that is a sentence that I just actually typed.

We were there as we had been invited to take part in the http://www.rightstuff.health.nsw.gov.au , which is a new campaign to stop kids going and pigging out on Mars Bars, Coke and Red Frogs at the canteen after Netball on a Saturday Morning. And the like. And because there was a real life NRL legend running a training session, there was much excitement from Horatio and his friend Will, who was not really sure what was going on, but got swept up in the excitement anyway.

There was one member of our party, who could not have been less impressed by the whole scene.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.01.12 PM

Before the session started, we met Mr Hindmarsh who was as charming and handsome as he was enormous. He enquired as to how Horatio broke his arm.

“Scrum…” He replied.

Later we were lucky enough to meet another ambassador of the program, the debonaire Jude Bolton. He also asked as to why H was wearing a cast.

“Scrum…” He said, before his brother chipped in, saying “You did not! You fell over at Chatswood Chase you liar…”

And then there were some lively fisticuffs between the two.

Jack got-a-busy making Mr Hindmarsh a reverse fish-tail bracelet in Parra Blue after he made some interested enquiries as to what was going down with the loom kit. I got on twitter to find out that Barry had resigned for pretending to forget that he took delivery of an expensive bottle of wine, and Horatio ran around with a smile, that no matter how hard you might try, you just simply could not wipe off his face.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.10.25 PM


He even put up with a bit of shit about supporting the Roosters.

“Nathan…” I said dramatically “Did you hear about Barry O’farrell?” Like we were some type of old friends and confidants….

I filled him in on the shenanigans of the former Premier before asking him whether it was him that I saw on a stand up paddle board near Jabba, having a small panic over the Xmas break?

Turns out, he is afraid of sharks. Roosters, Eels and Broncos are fine, but no Sharks.

Speaking of sharks… What about Mr O’Farrell?