Like Selling Ice to an Eskimo.


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Jack has made a new friend, an elderly lady named Wayan who works the strip of Legian Beach where we are staying. They bonded over their mutual love of bracelets. Wayan sells intricately knotted numbers in colourful hues, adorned with small silver trinkets and the like. Jack bought two with his pocket-money before pulling out his ever-present looming kit to show her his talents.

Well, if that did not bring a tribe of bracelets sellers to our beach chairs! They were all fascinated with the process of knotting small elastic bands, now officially but discreetly known as “THOSE FUCKING LOOM BANDS”, to make jewellery.

He held a spontaneous masterclass right there, on the sands of Bali. He taught them the basic, by just using their fingers.

At the end of the class, Jack made each of them their own bracelet to keep and in return, he was showered in small gifts, including a highly prized leather necklace with a small owl on it.

Life. It’s grand sometimes, no?