Putting things away.

Do you know how to gain inner peace?

It is quite simple. Come to terms with the fact that you will never finish the washing. Never.

But in my never-ending quest to find and sustain my sanity, there is one tip that I have developed and implemented these school holidays, and because I am a sharer of good practices, I am happy to let you in on my technique.

For years and years now, I have been spending hours each day putting things away. I even sing a little song while I do it.

Putting things away…

Putting things away…

All I do all day…

Is put the things away….

So what are these things that I am continually re-homing?

Shoes, socks, bags, books, lunch boxes, tennis rackets, loom band associated paraphernalia, Bits of fluff and bring, underpants, power cords, gardening gloves, dirt bike magazines, skipping ropes, pencils, pens, trading cards, remotes, thongs, handballs, NRL shit, hats, Katy Perry DVD’s, nail polishes, glue sticks, cotton buds and other crap.

The is a photo that I have just taken of the coffee table. It is not set up in any way, but this is how it currently looks. It is actually not that bad today.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.40.51 AM

Now I would NORMALLY put all that stuff away. Please note that this is just one section of the house, which looks like we have been burgled over night at present. We are pug-sitting for Mrs Spark who is in Vegas playing the slots, and her puppy has been shitting out loom bands like it is nobodies business, so I am acutely aware that these bands might cause an emergency trip to the vets. They cannot be left to their own device.

So here is the solution.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.31.10 AM

Grab a washing basket and walk around the house. Chuck anything that is in public areas that does not belong into said basket. Then, as the days starts to draw to a close, announce that you are throwing out the contents of that basket into the Sulo Bin, and they have 60 seconds to retrieve anything that they might need in the future.

You probably do not to be so dramatic with the announcement, but I have been watching far too many competitive reality shows not to include some sort of adrenaline charged element to the task.


Well, not shoes and things that are going to cause expense to myself, but leftover shit from show bags and the like. It is a cleanse and purge at the same time, and has seen a complete halt to my singing and putting things away task. A task that was killing me slowly on the inside.

Do you think you could be as ruthless as me?

In the comments section, please leave me one of your tips that you use to keep your crap under control.