A Soft Pant Workshop with Styling You.

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Happy Good Friday to you!

Easter would have to be my hands down, blue ribbon winner of all the annual holidays. You don’t have to run around buying gifts, there are no compulsory events in our family and it is all about getting away with friends and getting stuck into some seriously good nosh.

We are up at Jabba with my old bloggy mate Nikki Parkinson and family. We took two cars up, I fortuitously went with Nikki, two small people and the pug puppy that we are dog sitting. The manly folk went up in Sonia Kluger, along with two other small people, the g-pigs and Chuy. Chuy usually travels quite well, but apparently he was not feeling great, but felt a lot better after he vomited up a mouse head somewhere near St Ives. I will not go into much detail but to say the smell was apparently very ripe and required a complete car evacuation and the utilising of some random garden hose.

Jabba is looking resplendent, having been the recipient of a colour makeover. Pale Salmon no more. Alan is coming back to finish off soon, but here is a sneak peek…

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But we are not here to talk about masticated mouse heads, or tarting up the old shipping container house. Let’s address the important issues, those being how to manage Easter Food consumption and the utilisation of a decent soft pant.

Who better to call on than our very own Styling You, who is the current stylist in residence. I will hand it over to her now.

Nikki, nice to see you. I see that you are wearing a lovely soft pant in leopard print today.

When do trackies become socially acceptable to wear out of one’s home?

If you are not at all concerned for social niceties then whenever you bloody well feel like it. For me, it’s all in disguising trackie dacks as soft pants. To the rest of the world they don’t look like trackies but to you they feel like heaven.

When faced with a social scenario, such as a school bbq, how can you wear a soft pant and not be accused of slovenly attire?

If anyone pulls you up for this, therefore equating soft pant-wearing with slovenly then give them a lesson in high fash-UN. Even the catwalks are awash with soft pants. They are disguised as a fashion trend called Sport Luxe.

What kind of Soft Pant would you recommend Princess Kate get around in? High end soft pant?

I think that it would be remiss of us as a nation – un-Australian even – not to send Kate back on her long-haul flight in a pair of high-end designer clobber trackies. I’m thinking these ones from Bassike or a bit of embellishment from sass and bide.

When it comes to choosing a soft pant, what are the things to avoid?

You need to avoid a pant that contains more fabric than is required. This is not a time for saggy and baggy, it’s about streamlining. You need the fabric to drape and skim, not balloon. This is my number one key for disguising a soft pant for external use. Also, in the interests of ultimate comfort levels, do go for a wide, flat elasticised band at the waist. It has less chance of doubling over on itself and disappearing into one’s stomach (or is that just me?) or adding another bulge to an area where extra bulges are not generally welcome.

What are your top 3 soft pants in store right now?


Country Road relaxed leather look pant


Sussan PU spliced printed pant


Target animal print pant

Thank you for your ongoing wisdom Mrs Parkinson.

Are you a soft pant fan?

Or do you prefer something a little more structured around your crotch?