“You. a writer? Listen dear, you could not write “fuck” on a dusty venetian blind.”

I first met Wendy Harmer at a job I was doing. I was on a panel and she was the adjudicator. Could you imagine? WENDY HARMER! She was my idol back in the day of 2Day FM. Wendy and Moony were the undisputed King and Queen of the airways, before she went onto becoming a top-selling author. I was a bit star struck when I asked for a photo….

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 8.30.13 AM

I had heard that she had started a site with some other women called The Hoopla, and I saw my chance to strike. I had written a piece that was a little deeper than I usually delve into on WoogsWorld and I was looking at finding it a home elsewhere. I had approached MamaMia who knocked it back, so I asked Wendy whether I could send it to her to have a look-see. She published it…. and PAID ME!

You can read it here.

She then phoned and asked if I was interested in a weekly column. Just like that. Something real writers, trained writers, PROPER WRITERS dreamt of. Of course I said yes.

I recall phoning her one night, all upset at the some of the comments I had got after writing this column. She laughed at me before delivering a diatribe about opinion pieces, and what happens when you put yours out there for the world to see. She taught me not to take these things personally, and it is a lesson that I carry with me until this day.

The Hoopla backed a little known Mummy Blogger back then, and now it is my turn to back them. The Hoopla is changing over to a subscription model as of next week, and they are taking me along for the ride.  Why are they doing this? Watch….

They say that a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. They say that everyone can write but writers can’t do anything else. I love the quote in the title of this, from Coral Browne. Says a lot about knock backs that writers get.

Please consider supporting independent publishing, by subscribing here – http://thehoopla.com.au/subscribe-now/ . MUM THAT MEANS YOU!

But enough about me. Want to come to France?