The end is looming.

Looming has been a part of my life for 6 months now.

That is 6 months of looking at small elastic bands scattered around the house. 6 months of taking the vacuum cleaner to random piles of plastic. 6 months of wearing rubber bracelets and 6 months of listening to YouTube videos of  grown up American men teaching my son to loom.

“Right, let’s get to it!”

But the end is looming. For the craze has finally lost it’s gloss. And it has been replaced with this old stalwart.


Invented in Hungary in 1974 by sculptor Erno Rubik, this is considered the worlds most popular puzzle.


I am very, very rich. Fetch me a schnitzel, peasant.

The really came into their own in the early 80’s, which is when I first got my hands on one. Frustrating. Infuriating. Addictive. These are three words that spring to mind when I reflect on my own experiences with the Rubik’s Cube.

My Rubik son and I are very different in nature. He will patiently and diligently persist, solving each side as he goes. At the same age, I would spend a few irritating minutes trying to sort it out before inevitably resort to pulling all the stickers off, and putting them back in in the correct place. Then I would go and show my family, and no one would give a shit that I had “completed” the challenge and then I would mess it all up, and start again.

What am I going to miss about looming?

Not much to be honest, but it did bring peace and quiet to the house for hours on end.

So, perhaps on reflection, I will miss it greatly.

And as always, there is some grown up American Man who is willing to share his expertise on YouTube. I cannot help but think that there are many grown up American men living in their parents basements, spending their days filming intricate tutorials.

I try not to judge these men… but really… *raises eyebrow…*


Is the end looming at your place?
Or are you still surrounded by inverted fishtails?