Are you a fruit or a nut?

If you subscribe to the WoogsWorld Weekly (and if you want to you can do so by clicking here) you will have come to know my neighbour and friend Mrs Goodman, who shares her wisdom every week in the Mrs Goodman’s Words for Wise Women column.

For wise she is indeed. She is also a fellow Huffy Puffy victim but has had the past month off due to her having to say goodbye to her dodgy thyroid.

Anyway, it was she who introduced me to the notion of people being fruits, or nuts.

You are either a fruit or a nut.

Nuts are organised and efficient. Nuts order the salad at a restaurant while fruits order the creamy pasta. Nuts like fact and fruits like daydreaming.

Nuts do their taxes on time, and get them filed. Fruits do not really understand tax. Nuts work out, fruits think about it and are sometimes forced to.

Fruits are lush. Nuts are strong.


Gorgeously Fruity

There are benefits and drawbacks to both sectors. And the world cannot exist without both. I am a fruit, married to a nut! I have a fruit son, and a nut sun. My mum is a fruit, married to a nut. Kevin Rudd is a nut, married to a fruit. Do you see where I am going with this?


Deliciously Nutty, said in the kindest way.

In a world that is continually obsessed with labelling people, I think the Fruit and Nut description is perfection. There are no derogatory implications, or blurred lines. The two, although very different, can live together in perfect unison. We rely on each other to keep the balance right.


A perfect fruit.

When you get too many fruits in a room together, watch the creativity fly! But when it comes to actually getting shit done, chuck in some nuts to get things moving. Boxes ticked and tasks completed

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.12.36 AM

Nutty and accomplished. Shit gets done.

I am glad to get the opportunity to explain Mrs Goodman’s theory to you. “She is a Fruit” or “He is a Nut.” takes on a different meaning to me now. And I hope it does for you too. If not, there is always……


Which ironically, is my least favourite chocolate on the planet.

Do you get my drift?

What are you? A fruit or a nut?