What is a Haul?

Beauty Vloggers are on the rise, with many Australian Vloggers making a full-time living, sharing their “Hauls” online and giving them the thumbs up or down as to whether you should run out and buy the stuff that they recommend. Many times, these videos are sponsored by big cosmetic companies who can pay the vlogger up to $20K to feature their products. Most of the time, this is not disclosed to the viewer.

“OH FOR SHAME!” *wags finger*

In America, it is illegal to do this, while here in Australia, you can currently get away with it. Read more about disclosure here and here. I think if you do not disclose any commercial agreements with your readers, you are a bit LOT dodgy.

So I thought I would share with you a true haul, mine! Here are a few things that I have picked up recently. Disclosure – none of these items are sponsored apart from…

Flocked Hangers

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.47.42 AM

I did some work for Howard’s Storage World a while ago and they introduced me to the concept of flocked hangers. I am an advocate of the flocked hanger as you instantly get 4 times the space back in your wardrobe. It also means that NOTHING slips off the hanger. Howard gave me a box of them* and I was hooked. BUT, they ARE expensive BUT of you punch FLOCKED HANGER into eBay, you will find them much cheaper. Not as good as quality, but kinder on the budget.

Hirudoid Cream

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.47.56 AM

Not to be confused with haemorrhoid cream, I bought this from the chemist to get rid of the bruises on my leg that I always have because I always walk into the dishwasher lid when it is opened. I also tend to catch my shin on Sonia Kluger’s door and it HURTS LIKE A BITCH! I even have a permanent dent there. Do you use it?

What else have I hauled lately…..

Jam Drop Biscuits

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.48.29 AM

Oh sweet lord these never last long in our house. There is NOTHING better than rolling a couple of jammy dodgers with a cuppa at any time of the day. These two were immediately eaten after their photo shoot. Am clearly never going to be a food stylist. Or a raw food movement blogger. Or even a mildly interesting blogger because of my next haul item….

Waxsol Ear Drops

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.48.40 AM

Because you should not stick cotton buds in your ear as all it does is push the wax back in. And I have this weird gag relax in my ear as when I do stick a cotton bud in my ear, it makes me gag. It is a real thing and a lot of people suffer from this debilitating practice. WAX ON WAX OFF! Do you gag?

Rose Linen Spray

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.48.07 AM

Purchased off the back of a recommendation from a mate, this rose linen spray is the business. I am quite addicted to it. You are supposed to spray your pillows with it for a superior sleep, but I spray it around the house with gay abandon, and sniff up all the good stuff. Rate? High!

Washing Machine

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.48.50 AM

It has been a few weeks since we got our new washing machine and the romance is very much still alive. I love her so much. She has changed my life. I would marry it if same sex marriage and human and white good marriage was legal. We MAY still even have a ceremony and a reception. I kiss her and hug her and Mr Woog and I will often congratulate ourselves on such a sensible purchase.

So there you have it, an overview of my recent haul. Do you use any of them?

How important do you think disclosure is?

*Howard gave me a box of them.