How to knit.

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I am going to come over all airy-fairy right now, but I am a big believer in signs and karma and shit like that. Why just today, I witnessed this horribly rude customer be abusive to a girl working in a shop. After the rude lady left the store, the girl was quite upset.

But I told her not to be. Because that lady has to live all the time with a rude heart and anger, and really we should be feeling sorry for these people.

I walked across the car park when I stepped on something. Now, normally when I step on something it is a steaming big pile of dog turd. I am notorious for it, famous even. But this time I trod of a packet of knitting needles. Brand new. I looked around to see if someone had dropped them, but there was no one.

So I took it as a sign.

I needed knitting in my life.

Having never done it before, I got some wool and started watching a few YouTube demonstrations. Have you ever knitted? It is one of the single most frustrating things I have ever attempted to do. I tried and tried and tried. I swore and threw the whole thing on the ground.

But something kept calling me back. The nasty aqua acrylic yarn seemed to mock me. I might be many things, bit a quitter I am not.

Apart from running.

So I persisted, took many deep breath and started singing a little song.

Under, around, scoop and lift….

It has taken me two hours to get to the point pictured above, and I am pretty sure it is not supposed to look like that. But the rhythm and the pace and the singing along, is certainly soothing for one’s soul… after the initial frustrations when the yarn just would not co-operate.

Mrs Woog. Novice Knitter. Who knew?

Look around you.

What is the universe telling you to do?

All because the universe told me to.