Mother’s Day Comes Early!

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Mother’s Day came early for me. It was yesterday!

Allow me to explain.

I spent some time working on the Mother’s Day Stall. The Mother’s Day stall is quite a big deal around these parts. It is organised to perfection in the way only Mrs Jenkins, friend and fellow huffy puffy victim, can. To be honest, given half the chance, she would do a bang up job of running the country.

I was put on the desk to assist children in making their selection. It was adorable of course, with most of the kids asking me which item I thought their Mum would like the most. Considering I did not know their Mum 99% of the time, I directed them mainly towards the mugs, or the little beaded bracelets, because that is what I would like from the collection of pink crap that was on offer.

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The kids who forgot their money were about to get an IOU. Lets introduce them early to the evils of credit! I explained that there was a no interest period of 24 hours.

Horatio and Jack came to the desk. I was not allowed to serve them because they wanted it to be a surprise. I had told Mrs Jenkins to tell Harry to get me a mug/coaster set and I am pretty sure he did. But Jack carried on like the diva that he is and was very secretive.

It was later that afternoon after school that Jack presented me with my gift. It was a small sack of bath salts, but branded BATH CAVIAR to make it sound fancy. It smelt like sugar and synthetic rotten strawberries. He was so pleased with himself. I thanked him profusely. He asked if he could use it. I handed it back. He ran a bath and dumped the lot in. I poured a glass of wine as the house started to pong up with the stench of sugar and synthetic rotten strawberries. Mr Woog came through the back door and asked what stank so much.

I told him. My Mothers Day present.

What are you hoping for?

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