Parents behaving badly.



I can tell you, there was tense times yesterday when I was watching my 16 year old nephew playing rugby! They came down from the mountains to play our local club, so I went along, torn between who to go for.

It was a “top of the table” clash, with both teams being undefeated. And let me tell you, the tension spilled over and onto the field, with many a sly kick, a sneaky shove and the occasional profanity being sprouted. This is the under 17’s competition folks. Kids rugby.

One of the players was particularly riled. He was a short, stocky bloke who had an intense dislike for the opposition. A few times there was the beginning of a biffo, but his team mates pulled him back. His father was standing near me from the sidelines, and almost caused me to choke on my sausage sandwich when he boomed out from the sideline….

“Get off him, you dirty little c*nt!”

The words echoed around and across the field, and delivered a virtual face slap to all those in attendance. Now, I am not a wowser, and the occasional well timed profanity has been known to spring forth from my mouth on the odd occasion, but this took the cake.

Under 17’s. Bloody hell.

He was reprimanded quickly and told that if he said anything again, he would be removed from the field. As the match went on, there was one point in it. An odd tackle ended the game, with an ambulance called to assist some poor soul.

They lined up and shook each others hands and it proved all to much for them, with it ending with some fisticuffs.

Harry was witness to the lot, having been appointed the Water Boy, and was completely beside himself. SO MANY QUESTIONS.

The only winner that day was the coffee cart man. And the sausage sizzle stand. It was a sell out.

Parents behaving badly at sport.

What is the worst example you have seen?