The Purge

Florence Broadhurst_Jap_Floral_Charcoal_Bedlinen

I read an article in the paper over the weekend about people who live their lives with very few possessions. They are minimalists and argue that life is better with less stuff in it. I kind of get it. And it was obvious to me over the weekend that I had too much stuff.

It started when I was at Adairs, the Manchester shop. There was this awesome sale on and I found something that I had been coveting for a year. It was a Florence Broadhurst Doona Cover. My Mum had bought it a while back, and it was lush. It was also $300 dollars so it was out of the question. But when I looked at the sale price of $65, I took it as a sign that it was to be mine.

When I got home, I opened the linen cupboard and quickly closed it, as it was in danger off all falling out. I knew that a purge was in order. Grabbing a couple of garbage bags, I took to that cupboard like a woman possessed.

I had 8 doona covers.

Some women buy shoes to cheer then up, but I buy Doona Covers. I only have one bed for all these doona covers. I had 3 white doona covers. Some were fifteen years old. I never used them, I did not like them, so into the bag they went. I had towels from university days that have been moved from house to house over the years. I had towels that had the same texture of sandpaper. I had pillowcases that had seen much better days. I culled that all back to the bare essentials.

I now have 2 doona covers that I love. I need no more.

But I was not done…..

For I had a date with Mrs Goodman to help her clear out her wardrobe, and I was on a roll.

Mrs Goodman has a large walk in wardrobe and a lot of clothes. So many that she was not even sure what was in there. She started off slowly and the charity pile was quite pathetic, but as we worked our way through each rack she got braver. Did she really need 9 black v-neck dresses? Pick your favourite and the rest can go.

It took us a few hours, but we purged, man did we purge! When we were done, we had 4 large bags of stuff to take up to the charity shop.

We kept going back in and looking at our handiwork. It was a beautiful thing. I have been nagging at my Mum to do the same thing. She has some very colourful 80’s pantsuit/jumpsuits that she needs to farewell.

My weekend of purging taught me many things. But mainly, buy it once and buy it well.  And you can survive a linen avalanche.

Have you had a good purge lately?

What did you get rid of?

What do you collect?