What is your special talent?

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Our team back in the day.

The kids had their athletics carnival yesterday. Horatio came home to inform me that he had made it to zone. Which was puzzling for me as although he is very good at a lot of sports, he is not known for his speed. So it made sense when he informed me that it was for shot put.

Zone! The mighty grail of primary school sporting prowess. I remember all I wanted to do was to go to zone and in year 6 I finally did. FOR SHOT PUT! We Woogs may not be fast, but we are very good at throwing small, heavy balls from our shoulder without stepping over a line. It is an inherited skill, so it would seem.

When I was at school, I was a tryer. I tried out for everything and was competent in everything but not outstanding at anything. This is still the case today. Mum tells me stories of me in the running races where I would basically stop in the middle of the event to give her a big wave. “Hi Mum!”

In the last week of the school holidays, the boys went along to the local tennis comp, where Jack took out the Junior title and Horatio triumphed in the Seniors, which was an impressive feat considering he had just gotten his cast off the day before. The organisers called it a WOOGWASH, and I was all a blubbering mess on the sidelines.

Kids doing sport sometimes make me cry. I cry when the kid comes last but are so pleased with themselves. I cry when I see kids who do not give up. And I cry when I almost get covered in vomit.

The thing is, everyone has a special talent. Something somewhere, although I am still trying to find mine. My shot put career was short lived.

What is yours?

Did you ever GO TO ZONE?