Thou Dost Protest Too Much? NEVER!

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Bubba Harry was cranky about out involvement in Iraq in 2005

I was about to fall asleep on the couch last night in front of Q and A, when all of a sudden a group of students unfurled a banner and started chanting their displeasure at the Federal Education minister Christopher Pyne.


The rest of the panel started tut-tutting and shaking their heads. You could almost see the thought bubbles… “Those crazy young people….” Then all of a sudden the show was pulled and Katie Noonan was on, singing away. After a while, the show came back, with the students having been removed.

I think protests are important. I have marched in many. I have waddled, 8 months pregnant through the streets of Sydney protesting our involvement in wars. I have protested our stance on climate change. I have protested against the government, both sides, for various things and I have protested against our countries stance on Same Sex Marriage. But if I see one sniff of any drama or clashes, I am out of there faster than you can say “GET UP STAND UP…..” But they rarely did.

Protests bring about change.

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It is important to have an opinion about things and raise your voice. The protesters on Q and A last night had a point. Tertiary Education is becoming more and more unattainable to school leavers. It is expensive and about to get worse. It gets people talking about issues. The French are awesome at protesting and often reap the rewards from their efforts. 20 weeks maternity leave on full pay? Merci! But I did get confused when host Tony Jones came back with “That is not what democracy is all about.”

Isn’t that exactly what democracy is about? Hmmmmm.

On a smaller level, I deal with daily protests. My kids dish them out all the time. But I am like Tony Jones. I shut that shit down quickly. EAT YOUR CARROTS NOW!

Do you believe in protesting?

What would you protest about?