How to deal with tantrums.

Or should that be tantromes?

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During the week Mr Woog was convinced to schlepp all over Sydney to find a particular iPhone case that Jack was desperate for. Jack has my old iPhone to use, and he is just silly sick, beside himself about it. But he wanted to make it his own, and bling it up big time. Which is quite strange in a way, because he is only allowed to use it for and hour a day, and it is not allowed to leave the house, so no one would really be impressed by the decadent cover… but anyway.

Pocket money was handed over. Mr Woog could not find the case that was so longed for, but bought him one that was as close as he could find.

Now we all know about tantrums right? They can range from a casual sulk, to a fully fledged, maniacal, hysterical bitch fit that can leave you in shock and awe. It was this type of trantrome that was thrown when he was presented with Mr Woog’s offering later in the evening. I was away, so naturally Mr Woog called me on the phone for backup.

Trying to calm an hysterical child just does not happen over the phone. This, I can tell you from experience.

Watching a kid chuck a tantrome in a public place can be interesting. If you catch the eye of the parent, do not look at them with any shame. Things are bad enough for them without you judging them.

Tantrums come about from tiredness. This I know to be a fact. Do not raise your voice, to threaten or intimidate. It only makes the whole situation more hysterical.If in public, quickly remove the offender to a more private place. Sometimes I used to just go to the nearest car-park. Car-parks are notorious tantrum chucking scenes. Have a good look around, next time you are wandering through a carpark. You will see what I mean.

If at home and it is after 6pm, run a warm bath and insert screaming child. Put a hot water bottle into their bed. Get said child out of the bath and put said child straight into bed. And let the tantrum run it’s natural course, with you retiring to the living room with a flagon of gin.

And ignore.

As for the iPhone case, it has been accepted now as suitable. Which is a shame, as he is banned from even looking at it until Monday.

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What is the biggest wobbly your kid has chucked.

How do you deal with a tantrome?