Mrs Woog goes to Maleny

I am in Queensland as a guest of Tourism Queensland

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Up in the hills, not far from Noosa, lies a little town called Maleny. As part of our tour, my mate Stacey and I headed off to a raw, vegan, gluten free cafe. I KNOW!  It is like extreme vegan-ing, which I am not against although I cannot partake in because of hot chips and bacon. It was the absolute opposite of my lunch.

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Berado’s Bistro

The cafe was called The Living Kitchen and is owned and operated by a very healthy looking lass called Amy Kelly. We snacked on an array of cakes, like cheese cake with no cheese, and chocolate brownies made of beetroot. I have to fess up. I was not a fan. But it is a very popular eatery and she is very passionate about her work.

I asked her if she ever had anything sent back because it was undercooked, and she said YES! She makes her own “bread” in a dehydrator and once forgot to turn it on, sending out dough. I asked her so many questions and she had all the answers. If you are going through Maleny and feel the urge to eat raw vegan food, this is the place to do it I suspect.

We then went onto visit the Maleny Botanical Gardens, which is actually privately owned by a South African dude who has plenty of coin and a passion for gardening. He is also a bird fancier and has a huge avery which is stocked with rescue and abandoned birds.

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Now, you are either a bird fan, or you loathe them. I LOVE THEM! We entered the avery and immediately I was the perch for a huge big parrot called Georgie, And then, they all flew at us like a crazy feather duster attack. They nibbled at our jewellery and necks. It was not for the faint hearted.

And although Stacey is a vegetarian, and animals are her friends, I am not sure if she would include birds in that category….

Do you like birds?