Mrs Woog visits Noosa.

I am staying on the Sunshine Coast as a Guest of  Tourism  Queensland

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Have you ever thought the universe has sent someone into your life for a reason?

I think that ALL THE TIME, and it happened to me today. She came in the shape of a tall, blonde lady who we shall call Teresa, for indeed that is her name.

Backstory? Sure.

I am currently away on the absolutely stunning Sunshine Coast, on a conference. We are staying at The Sheraton, and I booked a massage at the spa. I love getting massages but I hate the paper undies that go along with it. I mean…. does anyone ever wear them? Anyway, I got into the robe and slippers and was lead to a room to fill in the form. Then I met Teresa.

Teresa was to be my masseuse. Usually, I like silence while by buttocks get pummelled but for some reason, we shared our stories. Hers was very interesting to say the least, but it is not my story to tell.

In addition to giving a great massage, she also practices the therapy known as Bowen. I had NEVER heard of it before, so she explained away. It is when your body is out of balance. And as she rubbed my shoulders, and later my feet, she told me that I had a ridiculous amount of acidity in my body, which can lead to anxiety (HELLO!) and negative energy (SOMETIMES!).

As I usually do, I began to panic when the massage started to wind up. “Hurry!” I say to myself. “Squeeze that last precious few moments of relaxing out…” And then it was over.

I got dressed. Teresa came in and handed me a piece of paper with a recipe on it. If I follow this to a tee, she told me, I can start work on getting by body back into balance.

Foot Bath 7 Nights a week. Put marbles or pebbles in the bottom of a tub with warm water, a desert spoon of Epsom Salts and the same of Bi-Carb soda. Break up the acid by crunching your feet around on the pebbles. Soak for 20 minutes.

I just got her, and she just got me. We hugged it out and bade farewell.

I think I might just give it a go.

In other news, Noosa? How good are you?

Please visit Teresa here.

Have you ever had someone good appear in your life for a purpose?

And with 24 hours left in Noosa, what should I do?