Whatever happened to the Polly Waffle?

I was alerted in a conversation recenlty that the Polly Waffle was no more. And to make it even more interesting, this happened 5 years ago!

“It’s costing more to produce than what we get back in sales,” Nestle’s Fran Hernon said, adding that it had been a difficult decision.
“Everybody says they love the Polly Waffle but the truth is no one buys it today. The time for it has been and gone.”

The time for it has been… and gone. Such a sad, sad sentiment Fran. There is even a group on Facebook, demanding its return.

It got me thinking about discontinued treats from our youth, and what has survived and what has gone to the big lolly shop in the sky. So I will share with you my findings.

Please note, I have done about 7 minutes of research into this, and I am very happy to be proven worn on any of these items. Apart from Pop Tarts. They were not nice.

Chocolate Cherry Crowns. Don’t miss them.

Ruffles Chips. The ones with all the “ridges.” Gone.

Vice Versas.


Pop Tarts. Now these are huge in the USA, but us Aussies did not take to them. Because you cannot compete with Vegemite Toast for breakfast.

TAB COLA – My Nanna’s favourite. She told me it helped her keep her figure. She was not known for her figure in retrospect, but I didn’t care. She kept cans of Tab in the fridge in the garage and I would always indulge in the original Diet Coke.


And who can forget that ad….

For all things ridiculous! You know that is Elle McPherson, right?

Let us continue.

Mello Yello – They bought it back for a stint last year. Still tasted like feline urine.

Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs – I ate these by the handful at High School.

Choo Choo Bars – GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU! Did anyone eat them? A soothing succulent liquorice toffee bar my ass! But Sawhole is staying at the moment and insists you can still get them.


We have since shunned orange drinks in the masses. Remember TANG? Your Mum would mix up a jug of Tang and you would slurp it up like it was nobodies business. Well, my Mum didn’t, but plenty of other Mums in the hood did!

Tarino! Come Tarino with Me!

And one that hit me quite hard. The discontinue-ment of the Take-5 Chocolate bar. I cannot even find an image of it now but it was 5 malteaser-like balls in a chocolate bar. Did I dream it all up? Did it ever exist?

All I know, in this retrospective of foods that have been snatched from existence, that if they ever, ever even go so much as to LOOK at putting the Peppermint Crisp on the list, I will literally lose my shit.


I love you.

Did you ever eat a McRib? (you know what’s in them, right?)

Did you ever “go Tarino” with that singing lady?

What chocolate bar would you miss the most?