The Worlds Most Expensive Beverage.


Up until yesterday, it was thought that the worlds most expensive drink was a bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne, coming in at a staggering two million dollars per bottle. Today we know that this is not to be true.

For those who spent the weekend living under a rock, allow me to catch you up.

Two weeks ago Cronulla Sharks NRL star Todd Carney was snapped post game taking a drink. The photo went viral over social media just this weekend past. The problem was, it was a very questionable beverage of choice.

Standing in front of a urinal (why do they still exist? And why do they always STINK!) Mr Carney took a sip from his own build in bubbler. And I am going to leave the description at that.

But I could not leave the description at that when last night as I watch the news with Horatio. On learning that one of his favourite NRL players would no longer be taking the field, the only question he had was…. “Why would he do that?”

Well, there are several reasons why people drink their own urine. Taken from the Independent UK.

“Advocates of auto-urine therapy believe that this combination can help cure everything from the common cold to cancer, boosting energy levels and sexual performance along the way. While the practice has always been popular in China, India and South-east Asia, a small but growing band of Western fans are also downing a daily dose. Books with titles such as The Golden Fountain all extol the virtues of urine.”

Try as they might, they could never convince me to give “Auto-Urine Therapy” a whirl. Urine is made up of 95% water and 5% nutrients. And guess what?


Todd Carney ‘s sip from his own fountain cost him his $3 million dollar contract, making that beverage the worlds most expensive.

Should Todd Carney have been sacked?

What is the most expensive beverage you have ever ordered?