Why I Write.

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I have been blogging for 5 years now, which is the longest time I have ever stuck with anything apart from my marriage and motherhood.

I once decided I wanted to be a life coach, which when I look back on that, I laugh and laugh and laugh. I mean, who would pay me money to help sort out their issues? I would only ADD to their issues, and then some.

I would turn up late, and focus my energy on important things. Such as work-shopping different types of leopard print, or showing my client how to eat Wagon Wheels properly.

Being a writer is just something you decide to be. Like when my Mum read an article about Buddhism. She announced to us she was now a Buddhist, and just like that she became one. But unlike Mum, who although now identifies as a Buddhist but doesn’t really do anything about it, to be a writer means one thing.

You have to write.

So today I am joining up in the blogging community with something that is known as a LINKY! Sonia has tagged me, and in turn I will tag others, to discuss WHY WE WRITE.

What am I working on?

I am currently writing a book, a novel, called Blame It On The Blowjob. It is about a chick that has to rebuild her life after some monumental setbacks.

I am also polishing up a series of essays and will begin to schlep it around to publishers when it is completely POLISHED! This is some non fiction stuff.

I am always working on this little blog of mine because I just love it. It kind of hugs me back. (via the readers) I write the occasional sponsored post to keep the wolf from the door.

I have been a columnist for a few years now with The Hoopla, and it is just bewildering to me that my name is up there alongside Wendy Harmer, Jessica Rowe, Corinne Grant, Tracey Spicer, Monica Attard etc etc. I am waiting everyday for them to discover that I am a complete moron and not worthy to be part of their stable of writers. Until then, I keep my head down low and go, go, go….

I have a completely boring copy-writing business which is kept completely separate to the social media world. It is the corporate area, and I get turn very dull prose into more readable text. Yes, tampons CAN BE ENDEARING!

How does my writing differ from others in my genre?

Because it is a personal blog, written by me, it is always going to be different from other personal bloggers.

Personal blogging, in my own humble opinion, is the hardest genre to crack any big numbers in. Because we are writing about ourselves, we lose out on the advantages of Search Engine Optimisation that genre specific blogs and sites can attract. For example type into Google, How to make Anzac Biscuits and there are 229,000 sites all willing to help. The problem with personal blogging is that titles like They Fuck You Up are not going to get you far when it comes to getting you a huge readership.

So you must get your readers one at a time. And appreciate each one.

Why do I write?

Because blogging is cheaper than therapy.

I have always been writing, even as a kid. I would write books and novels, mainly about ponies. My school entered a story I wrote into a national competition and I was shortlisted as the NSW finalist! I ALMOST WON SOMETHING!

Writing to me is like brushing your teeth, or shaving your pits. It becomes a habit. It gets under your skin. I get antsy if I don’t do it. So you could say that I am addicted to this habit.

How does my writing process work?

I am a people watcher. I am an observer of the small incidents. My iPhone is my best mate as I go about my day. I will make notes, take photos of things and just let them sit there, waiting for the right context in which to tell them.

Like, if I look now, on the 14th of June I asked a friend of mine, who was having a dinner party with some parents from their private school…

“Why wasn’t I invited to your fancy dinner party Jim?”

To which he replied “Because it is a fancy dinner party.”

It is little exchanges like that, that can fuel my writing.

I blog in the morning and I type quickly. I publish it, and then proof read it, then go back in and make all the edits. I don’t know why, but this works for me. I never schedule a post, I would not even know how to do this.

And that is how and why I write!

Now passing the batten to Mumabulous. A relatively newcomer on the block and a very, very funny writer.

And two of the most amazing friends I have met though blogging. I have travelled with these two, laughed and cried with these two, and have had some very pant wetting times with.

Yo BabyMac and Edenland, consider yourself tagged.

Any questions? Any suggestions? Anybody? …… Bueller?