Birthday Presents.

Because my birthday coincides nicely with the end of the financial year, I am normally treated to gifts sourced from stationary shops, as they can be delayed a tax deduction. Take for instance this lovely office charm I am currently perched upon. And that lovely desk compendium just over there.

But this year I gave the old ball and chain the heads up that I would be shopping for my own birthday gifts from the family. I must say, there was a small look of relief that flooded his expression. I think he was thinking, what my reaction would be to a new printer. Again.

Now let me declare, shopping for your own birthday gifts is just about the most funnest thing you can do. I took along a good friend and a hunting we did go. The thing about shopping for your own birthday gifts is that there can be no normal guilt association that can come about from spending ones hard-earned money on oneself. I am normally like… “Oh that is lovely, but that massive electricity bill is set to hit….” whereas a sensible person would actually buy the beautiful cardigan and use it instead of the heater….

So I bought frivolous things that I would never buy for myself….


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And each time I felt a little guilty, I reminded myself of everything I do for this little family, and handed across that credit card with a smile.

Come birthday morning, each male member of the family presented me with a gift, lovingly wrapped by myself. It worked out marvellously. I was completely THRILLED with my presents.

I unwrapped the softest scarf that Jack gave me, and squealed with delight, which made him SQUEAL with delight! I thanked him profusely, and he told me about how he went to Chatswood and found it and paid for it with his pocket-money………….

We all sort of looked at each other, then looked back at his BEAMING little face. I decided to go along with it, because the whole thing was ridiculous to start with and why confuse the situation with the truth.

So, buying your own birthday present. Do you do it?