Doomsday Prepping V. Dragon Slaying.

It is hard to be cheery sometimes. Somedays I feel we are all taking two steps forward, one step back. And then occasionally coming to a shuddering halt altogether.

This week we were robbed and I don’t think I have ever been so furious in my life. I was positively SEETHING and thinking very evil thoughts towards that person who came onto our property and took something that was not theirs to take. It has caused an immense amount of anxiety in our household. I am on the end of a flu, have a cold sore and am PMS-ing off my brain.

But then you wake up to the horrible news that 295 families are grieving right now, because of an act of terrorism. 60 of them were children.

That an Israel strike kills four boys on Gaza beach as they played hide and seek.

An Australian Suicide Bomber kills 3 in Baghdad.

A father murdered the mother of his children, because he didn’t want a scene at a Real Estate Conference.

72 Asylum Seeking babies. I think about them every night when I tuck my kids into bed. Do they have a hot water bottle? Can they have some Panadol if they have a sore ear?

That we as a nation have taken a step back when it comes to addressing our responsibility to our planets climate, as Germany pledges $1 Billion Dollars to the UN Climate Change Fund.

I spoke with Mr Woog last night and we agreed that you just have to live your life in the most positive way and expect that setbacks will rise up and try to engulf you. That just when you thought you were getting ahead, and everything was smooth sailing, fate can come and slap you across the face. “You are content? TAKE THIS BITCH!”

And boom, a friend is struck down with cancer.

Evil thief, I forgive you. Enjoy.


Elle McPherson turned 50!


Gabi Grecko got engaged!


And Cameron Diaz did not have sex with Drew Barrymore!


“Oh no I didn’t.”

To be honest, I was beginning to understand the merits of becoming a doomsday prepper and it was at this point that I realised I had to reboot my brain.

I am going to claw myself back from the depths of despair regarding the state of the world, pick myself up, put my sword back into its holder, and continue to slay the dragons that are out to get me.

And I’ll be fucked if they are going win. The world is a good place. It is just having a tantrum at the moment.

Do you ever just shake your head?