How often do you wash your hair?

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Yesterday my lovely mate Nikki Parkinson went on the publicity path to launch her first book Unlock Your Style, which is a guide for the fashionably challenged, and shows you how to tweak your wardrobe to your advantage. You can order it here. Part of her packed schedule was an appearance on Mornings, the show on Channel 9. I went along as chief bag holder and waiter in the wings.

We went into makeup and then hair. I took a seat to wait and watch, and immediately, a lovely hairdresser started tending to my locks. I let her style away for a while, before confessing to her that I actually was not going to be on any shows, that I was just here to be the chief bag holder, but she shrugged her shoulders and kept doing my hair.

It was at that time that I instantly fell in love with a tong wielding stranger.

I apologised for the state of my hair, You see, I had not washed it in 5 days because washing my hair is right up there with changing the cat litter box when it comes to mundane tasks that displeases me. It is such a CHORE! I have yeti-like hair, the thickness only rivalled by Sarah Palin’s grey matter. It is coarse, horse like in texture and I swear it will be the only thing that will survive in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

But, and get this…. The hairdresser said that in an ideal world, you would only wash your hair….. EVERY EIGHT DAYS! And you would rarely brush it, if you knew what was good for you.

I remember at high school, a rumour went around that if you never washed your hair, eventually it will overcome the greasy stage and be gloriously shiny and perfect, but you just had to get through a month. I didn’t accept the challenge, but many gals did, and my lord. The Rank was RIFE!

So it turns out that I was unknowingly doing myself a favour by practicing poor hygiene. Who knew?

Tell me the truth.

How often do you wash your hair?

And, any hairdressers out there…. does it really matter what shampoo and conditioner you use?