Something Crunchy.

This is a sponsored post.

Making lunches must be one of the most mundane things that I do each morning. I make myself a coffee, whack on the radio, dole out the cereal and pull the bread out of the freezer. Then I make two sandwiches.

One is a vegemite and cheese sandwich. EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL!

The other one is a little more experimental. Horatio does not shun leftovers and as a result received a far more superior lunch, as far as taste goes. But you can never fail to impress him with a well-constructed salami, cheese and lettuce sambo. The “go-to” of lunchtime. Like a good pair of jeans, or the perfect leather jacket. It will never go out of style!

The lunchboxes are then packed and left of the bench, either ready to be forgotten, which will leave me the lovely task of running at least one of them up to the school, or opened and dissected.

Then there might be a request for more of this, less of that, complaints and accolades. Who knows? Every day is different. (Apart from the vegemite and cheese sandwich.)

I often wonder whether I am doing a good job of these lunches. I mean, BACK IN MY DAY, I had a squashed vegemite sandwich and an apple. To drink, there was the bubbler. Why, I recall the canteen used to serve us huge finger buns with pink icing, filled with slabs of butter. FOR FIFTEEN CENTS! A crime in these days I suspect…

We have gotten far more sophisticated with our eating and snacking. The Nutrient Nazis raise their eyebrows in judgment. But in the interest of full authenticity, this is the typical lunchbox scenario around this joint.


Horatio walks to school each morning with a couple of weetbix under his belt, munching away on an apple. Jack seems to exist on air at the moment. He is a tres-fussy eater. This is his typical dinner, (plus rice) which takes and hour to eat.


Most of the time, his lunchbox comes back looking much the same as it did when it was packed into the bag. Minus the SOMETHING CRUNCHY.

Sunbites sent out their range of SOMETHING CRUNCHY and there are several reasons why I like this product.

• It is something crunchy
• It gets eaten
• It is easy to grab a pack and chuck it in the lunchbox
• It is portion controlled
• No Artificial Colours, flavours or preservatives.
• Healthier alternative to chips with 30% less fat
• It is something crunchy
• Available in multipacks, and multipacks are to be commended.

So Sunbites are now on the permanent shopping list. But it appears that not everyone is happy about it…


“That would be me.. I am not happy about this at all.”

For more information about the Sunbites range, please visit here.


What are your memories of your own school lunch?
White bread sandwiches?