The Benefits of Cat Napping

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This past weekend Mum and I hit up the Sheridan Outlet store in Penrith, where the prices were insanely good. I didn’t need anything, yet still managed to get me a new doona cover. Not usually being one for a floral, I just had a sniff of Spring around the corner and went for it. I also managed to nab this gorgeous velvet blanket box at the local second-hand store. I love it as it is just the right size that I can climb into it and hide from the kids when they are shitting me to tears.

So yesterday I whacked that doona cover on, and stood back to admire the whole scenario. Chuy wandered in and also demonstrated his pleasure at my interior design attempt. I have never met a cat so camera whoreish is this one.

About one minute after I took this photo, I thought to myself… “I might just lie down for a minute.” I didn’t have time for a day sleep, but just a little lie down…





Hours later I was woken up by the boys, who were standing over me, asking each other if I were dead.

I had an accidental daytime sleep! Not a nap, but a full on sleep!

Do you remember (if indeed you have ever had a baby) everyone saying “Sleep when they sleep..” referring to having sleeps during the day? Well I can honestly say that I never did. I was too busy washing tiny pairs of socks in special “gentle” detergent, and making sure that everything had been sterilised up the yazoo. The idea of a day sleep for myself was very self-indulgent. But yesterday, I made up for it and I slept the afternoon away.

If you accidentally fall asleep when you should not have, do not feel guilty. It is good for you!

Years ago, my friend and fellow blogger Eden Riley went along to the Google Headquarters to address the company about the rise of personal blogging. Now, at this place of work, they actually encourage you to have a day sleep and provide the resources for you to do so.

Did you know that humans are one of the few species that usually have all their sleep in one hit. Do you have a cat? See how they sleep a lot? They don’t call it a cat nap for nothing.

Here are a few reasons why you should down tools and hit the couch (if you are able) for a short snooze every day.

  • Increases alertness
  • Improves mood
  • When napping you release growth hormones, which in turn helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Napping makes your brain function better
  • Reverses information overload
  • Heightens your senses and creativity
  • Makes you a nicer person

Ok, so not so sure about that last one, but I did feel like a nicer person. I even made cannelloni for dinner, a first in our place as it is as fiddley as fuck.

Are you a fan of a nap?

And can anyone tell me how I can stop the cat from scratching that box to shreds? I will be eternally grateful!