How to deal with the Agents of Chaos.

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Kids today. They don’t even realise how good they have it. Especially when it comes to road trips.

Car trips in the 70s meant everyone crammed in across the bench seats. Constant fighting, spectacular vomiting and never-ending whining and whining about “When will we get there?”

Looking back and reminiscing about those long road trips all over the state, it puzzles me as to how our parents kept their cool… Or did they?

Of course they didn’t!

The car was pulled over by the side of the road many times, with strong threats made that we can “All get out and walk!”. If you were the instigator of any fights, you were very aware that you might have to dodge the swinging arm of doom that can spring from the front seats, trying to connect with your leg in the form of a sharp slap.

Now that I am that parent, I make full use of the development of modern vehicles. My life changed when I bought my Kluger, my Sonia. For she came equipped with the tools that I needed, to take on my own little Agents of Chaos.

Conclusive research conducted by Toyota has given us the information we need to categorise travelling children, and what features are included in the Kluger to combat unwanted behavior.

Mighty Mouth
Those children falling under the umbrella of the Mighty Mouth are known for their whining. If your child continually asks “Are we there yet?” you might have one on your hands. They are demanding of your attention and must be constantly engaged in conversation. I know this, as I have one myself.

Kluger Kryptonite
The conversation mirror, designed so you can connect with your Mighty Mouth at a glance.

The Techzilla
Most often found to be a male in the 9-11 category, the Techzilla is happiest when looking into a screen of some sort. He shuns the traditional games such as Spotto, or Eye Spy, preferring to watch YouTube videos about the NRL/ I know about this agent, as I have on of these as well.

Kluger Kryptonite
The Kluger knows that recharging is important to the Techzilla, and provides 3 power outlets to soothe the beast. Not to mention ample little storage spaces to keep their devices safe.


Fidget Monster
Do you feel that? Do you feel that kick coming through the back of your chair? Annoying isn’t it. Welcome to a common practice of the Fidget Monster, a complete PITA kid who is out to cause as much distraction and damage as is humanly possible. They are also great throwers of things and starters of fights.

Kluger Kryptonite
Put a set of wireless headphones on this monkey and bung on a DVD. SORTED!


Double Trouble
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 2% of all pregnancies result in multiple births. I could only IMAGINE what it must be like to take a road trip with twin toddlers. My hat goes off to you mothers of multiples. I think Toyota should give YOU A CAR. AND YOU GET A CAR…. AND YOU GET A CAR!

Kluger Kryptonite
They are not going to do an Oprah and give all Mums of twins a car, but they will provide you with ample space to keep them as far apart as possible.


And then there is the most feared of them all…

The Hurler
Everything is quiet and calm as the countryside whizzes past. The road starts to wind, gently at first and then at a more regular pace. All of a sudden you hear…
“I don’t feel very… *insert unwanted sound here*

You, my friend, have a hurler on your hands. This Agent of Chaos can strike at any time. You must be vigilant with a hurler on board. My niece is a black belt hurler.

Kluger Kryptonite
Activate the moon roof to get some fresh air straight into the Hurler, or if the horse has already bolted, you can be grateful for the easy to clean seats and removable floor mats.


Those clever clogs at Toyota have thought of everything (apart from a built in espresso machine) to make your family car trips more manageable. And comfortable. Even when you are ferrying around your own Agents of Chaos.


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What is the behaviour like in your car on long road trips?
Can you relate to any of the Agents of Chaos?