Guest Post Sunday – Tanya Simpson

Dip me in a bath of inspiration.

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I’ve overdosed on so many motivational and inspirational quotes lately, I’m now immune to them. Like when you drink all the time, it’s harder to get drunk. Or you need extra Panadol to get rid of a headache because you take so much of it.

Every day I read countless messages of hope from a myriad of websites. Nothing sinks in. No matter how many times I read “You are stronger than you think”, “Your best is yet to come” or my current favourite, “Bad experiences make you a better person for your true life path”, I still don’t feel better.

It’s been a tough 12 months. I’ve lost two people I love, broken up with friends who made me feel bad and had my heart smashed into little pieces after falling hard for a guy I barely knew (sounds pathetic even as I type it). Lots has changed – not always for the bad – but I’m struggling to get back to the positive person I was a year ago. I was the one sharing inspirational messages with friends going through tough times, not trawling websites looking for clarity and peace for myself.

I don’t like this space. I’m not used to it but am trying to do lots of good things for myself. That’s what the self-help sites say. Exercise often because the endorphins will kick in and make you feel better. Yep, been doing that every day, and it certainly does help however, I’ve had times when I started to cry while out running. Do you know how hard it is to see where you’re going with mascara in your eyes and snot running down your face? It’s a bad version of Tuff Mudder.

Eat well and nourish your body. I’m cooking healthy meals and trying to stay away from desserts though there’s an apple pie in the freezer that calls my name every night. It’s helping me face adversity head on and grow stronger – apparently.

I subscribed to a stack of motivational emails and websites to get my daily dose of inspiration. My inbox fills with pretty pictures of butterflies and angels telling me the Universe is stripping me bare of things that no longer serve a purpose in my life, to fill it with better stuff. Oh really? I was actually quite happy with what I had already thanks. If you’d taken away my little Buddha belly or 3kgs or my mortgage, I’m sure I’d be feeling amazing. But no, you had to take away things that filled me with joy, so I can feel sadness but then be happy again. Ah ha. Right. You’re starting to sound like instructions for building Ikea furniture. Not making any sense at all.

There are buzz words in the motivation world. Some speak to me, most just wash over me.

If you’re in a storm, keep going. There’s sunshine at the other end.
Life gives the test first and the lesson later.
Your past is not your future. Look ahead, not behind.
Be strong. Be brave. Be yourself.
Strong people aren’t the ones to never feel pain, they are the ones that feel it, accept it and work with it.
When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start to happen.

On and on and on they go.

I’m usually a fan of stuff like this, but in flat moments they make me angry. They’re sickly sweet. Too positive. I want to write my own and share them with the world:

– All you need is a giant bowl of cookies and cream icecream, red wine and a night on the couch to sooth your soul.
– Yes he’s an idiot and he’s never going to meet anyone as awesome as you ever again. Ever. Sucked in. Men are stupid.
– Who needs friends when you have chocolate, Facebook and wifi?
– Puffy eyes are sexy. Cry like no one’s watching. Blow your nose. It feels good.
– Wrapping yourself in your doona and sleeping all day may not make you stronger but hanging in your PJs feels good.
– Exercise releases endorphins but so does chocolate, cocaine and sex – of which I only have one handy right now.

I’ve read enough inspirational stuff to know that yes, okay, I will feel better. Things will become clearer. Life will improve. I just need to force feed myself a stack of quotes to keep going until I get there. I’m doing better than most people and for that I’m thankful.

As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Or some other crap.

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Tanya Simpson: Night owl. Hater of early mornings. Pescatarian. Runner of Marathons. Recycler. Optimist.
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She loves espresso martinis and expensive champagne, usually coupled with a packet of Cheezels.
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